October 2022

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Inside this Issue

  • Raising awareness and tackling issues
    Students in UB School of Law’s Family Violence and Women’s Rights Clinic have long advocated for clients in crisis, bringing the law to their defense with such tools as orders of protection and providing legal representation in custody and child support cases.
  • Amplifying historical indigenous voices
    The American Association of Law Libraries has presented Rebeca Chapman the Law Library Journal Article of the Year Award in recognition for her article “Protecting Our Spaces of Memory: Rediscovering the Seneca Nation Settlement Act Through Archives.”
  • Spreading the word on the Law Library
    B. Austin Waters, the law library’s new student services librarian, aims to build community and connectivity between the law library and law students by using social media.
  • Bringing brain science to IP law
    Prof. Mark Bartholomew argues, copyright, patent, and trademark cases have been muddied by the mysteries of the creative process and how audiences perceive its products. In his new book Bartholomew points to a more rigorous approach: using the tools of neuroscience to define the terms of the legal tests that apply in IP disputes.