October 2022

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t-shirt with writing on it that says "You are not alone".

Family Violence and Women’s Rights Clinic continues its innovative work

Students in our Family Violence and Women’s Rights Clinic have long advocated for clients in crisis, bringing the law to their defense with such tools as orders of protection and providing legal representation in custody and child support cases. As Domestic Violence Awareness Month comes to a close, it’s inspiring to see the range of work continuing in our clinic—all in service of safe homes and relationships.

woman holding up a sign that says "Being the voice for survivors".

Fund of the Month

Support the work of our student attorneys and consider a gift to our Family Violence and Women’s Rights Clinic Crossroads Fund. Donations offset operational expenses, allowing the clinic to focus on serving the unmet needs of local domestic violence survivors.

Law School News

Faculty Spotlight

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Prof. Mark Bartholomew brings brain science to IP law

Judicial decisions in intellectual property cases have been unpredictable and varied, dependent on a judge’s perception of whether a brand, artistic work, or commercial design appears too similar to another. In his new book, Intellectual Property and the Brain (Cambridge University Press), Prof. Mark Bartholomew uses the tools of neuroscience to define the terms of the legal tests that apply in IP disputes.