Merit Scholarship Policy

This Policy has been designed to help University at Buffalo School of Law students understand the terms of the School’s merit scholarship awards.  Read the Policy thoroughly to understand how you may be affected by the terms of any current or future School of Law merit scholarship award.

  1. Merit scholarship will not be renewed for students placed on Academic Supervision, as defined by the General Academic Requirements and Policies, after their first year of study. Students placed on Academic Supervision are unable to earn back their merit scholarship.
  2. Merit scholarships are disbursed evenly between the fall and spring terms and cannot be reallocated to a summer term.
  3. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits per term to receive their merit scholarship disbursement.
  4. Merit scholarships will be disbursed for a maximum of 6 semesters for 3-Year J.D. students, 4 semesters for Advanced Standing 2-Year J.D. students, and 2 semesters for full-time LL.M. students.
  5. Scholarship awards are only awarded while enrolled in the degree program noted in your formal acceptance letter. Awards are not automatically renewed if you seek to and are successful in switching degree programs (e.g. LL.M. to Two-Year J.D., or from Two-Year J.D. to Three-Year J.D.).
  6. Merit scholarships are awarded at the point of admission and will not be negotiated (increased) after new student orientation commences.
  7. Total scholarship (including merit and any other scholarship and/or grants, including VA educational benefits) cannot exceed the cost of tuition.
  8. Merit scholarships are not available for coursework completed outside the University at Buffalo School of Law.
  9. Dual degree merit scholarship recipients will receive up to 6 semesters of scholarship disbursements. School of Law scholarships will not be disbursed when dual degree students are pursuing coursework in another University at Buffalo school/unit.
  10. Early graduation results in a loss of any remaining scholarship disbursements.
  11. Merit scholarships are only available within 5 years after the first date of matriculation at UB School of Law. Partially attended semesters in which merit awards were awarded count as an entire semester of scholarship eligibility.
  12. Merit scholarships for students who receive other scholarships, grants, and/or tuition benefits are subject to adjustment.
  13. All merit scholarship offers are contingent upon receipt of a tuition deposit by the deadline noted in the applicant’s formal admission letter.
  14. Should there be a tuition increase or decrease, merit scholarship award amounts will not be prorated.
  15. Merit scholarships may be funded through School of Law endowed scholarship funds.
  16. The University at Buffalo School of Law reserves the right to update this policy without notice.