Cross-Border Opportunities

Across the border and close to home, our proximity to Canada provides you with on-the-ground exposure to cross-border legal issues giving you the tools you need to launch an international law career.

Why a New York law degree makes sense

The relationship between the United States and Canada is among the closet and most extensive in the world. About 300,000 people every day cross between the two countries, along with billions of dollars in trade. 

In New York alone, $33.8 billion in goods are traded with Canada every year. Our close relationship means that we collaborate on issues ranging from commerce to border security. Many of Buffalo’s most prestigious law firms have offices in Canada, and an increasing number of law firms and businesses are looking for attorneys knowledgeable in U.S. and Canadian law.

At the University at Buffalo School of Law, we make it easy for you to acquire the skills to be adaptable and flexible to meet the needs of the United States’ largest trading partner. And we’re close to home, so you can study law during the day and make it home for dinner that night!

Location matters

Located within 98 miles/158 km of Toronto, the University at Buffalo School of Law offers you an exceptional legal education in a collegial and supportive environment.

Located 25 minutes from the international border crossing at the Rainbow Bridge and 20 minutes from the Peace Bridge, our law school is a small, close-knit community within an international research university ranked 25th in the United States for the size of our international student enrollment.

One degree many options

Completion of the J.D. program makes you eligible to sit for the New York State Bar Exam. After passing the exam, you will be authorized to practice law in New York, and to sit for another state's bar exam if you wish. You cannot, however, use your J.D. from the School of Law to practice Canadian law in Canada right away. The Canadian system has its own requirements, although you may practice New York law while in Canada if granted a permit as a foreign legal consultant.

Three ways to practice