Our Strategic Initiatives


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One of the oldest law schools in New York State and the only law school in the State University of New York (SUNY) system, the University at Buffalo School of Law draws on more than 135 years of innovation in legal education. An early leader in the law and society tradition, many of our nationally prominent faculty members have a Ph.D. in addition to their law degrees, allowing multiple joint degree  opportunities and a curriculum with an interdisciplinary focus.

As the State of New York’s public law school, our mission is to promote justice and cultivate socially responsible lawyers in all areas of practice. Our students learn to view the world with compassion, knowing that regardless of where they ultimately choose to work, they have a moral responsibility, as lawyers and leaders, to use their skills and knowledge to serve justice.


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The University at Buffalo School of Law is proudly public and committed to providing pathways to justice and access to legal education.

This Strategic Plan provides the framework for our mission as the State of New York’s law school. It celebrates our strengths as an interdisciplinary institution centered on the campus of a flagship university in the SUNY system. It articulates our focus on innovation, equity, and excellence.

I am grateful for the many contributions of our law school community throughout this planning process. It inspired robust discussions and creative ideas and affirmed our shared vision for the future of our law school. I look forward to continuing our
collaboration on the implementation of these goals.

Aviva Abramovsky
Dean and Professor of Law

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Research, teaching, and learning in the pursuit of justice.

UB School of Law’s strength in interdisciplinary legal scholarship and teaching should be the focal point for the university’s effort to illuminate and address questions of justice.


Innovative and Interdisciplinary Faculty

UB School of Law faculty have long been associated with innovative, interdisciplinary scholarship, and critical approaches to the study of law. They take a creative and engaged approach to teaching and share a history of curricular experimentation.

Supportive, Collegial Environment

The UB School of Law community is firmly centered on mutual respect, collegiality, and a commitment to serving the best interests of our students. The law school takes pride in our shared sense of belonging and our team approach to education.

Deeply Engaged with Our Community

UB School of Law embraces experiential learning opportunities that serve the community and promote access to justice. Our fiercely loyal alumni dominate the Western New York legal market and partner with the law school to educate our students beyond the classroom.


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