Dual Degrees & Interdisciplinary Programs

Dual degree programs give you a career advantage: reduce the total time required to earn two degrees by up to a year.

Many law students simultaneously pursue both the JD degree and a master's degree or Ph.D. There are several advantages.

First is the opportunity to acquire a broad understanding of the functions of law in society by integrating different disciplinary perspectives.

Second, students can count some courses toward both programs and reduce the total time required to earn both degrees by up to a year.

Acceptance of the GRE will be especially attractive to students considering one of the many dual degree options offered at UB, known for its interdisciplinary approach to education.

After matriculation, the School of Law will accept up to nine credit hours of law-related graduate courses in other departments toward the JD The participating departments will count law courses for at least 10 percent of their degree requirements to accelerate the course of study.

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Students wishing to pursue both a J.D. and a graduate degree should contact the School of Law's  Office of Admissions and any other relevant UB department.

Law and Social Work Program (J.D./MSW)

The School of Law and the School of Social Work offer a four-year dual degree program leading to both a J.D. and an MSW degree. The program integrates professional legal and social work training to prepare students for leadership roles as lawyers, social workers or administrators in government or human services agencies.

Law and Management Program (J.D./MBA)

The oldest and largest dual degree program is the J.D./MBA, offered jointly by the School of Management and the School of Law  for students interested in careers  in law and business. Students can apply by completing the J.D./MBA application.

J.D./MBA Webinar

Law and Applied Economics Program (J.D./MA)

This program offers advanced skills and expertise to prepare students for leadership roles in the global economy. The School of Law  and the Department of Economics offer an accelerated program leading to both a J.D. and a master’s degree in applied economics in 3 1⁄2 years.

Law and Legal Information Management & Analysis Program (J.D./MS)

The School of Law and the Department of Information Science offer a collaborative program in legal information management and analysis that leads to both a J.D. and a master of library science degree. Students trained in the dual-degree program learn a practical model of law librarianship.

Law and Doctor of Pharmacy (J.D./Pharm.D.)

The School of Law and the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences have designed a seven-year course of study that allows students to accelerate their studies to receive the J.D. and PharmD degrees. This combination provides the scientific and legal training to excel in careers in biotechnology, intellectual property and the pharmaceutical industry.

Law and Public Health (J.D./MPH)

This collaborative four-year program fosters the critical interrelationship between the delivery of health care services, the protection of public health and the legal system. You will be prepared to deal with the complexities of our current legal and health care systems, and to appreciate the expanding sources of conflict between individual and broader community-based health care needs and interests.

Law and Urban Planning Program (J.D./MUP)

The School of Law and the School of Architecture and Planning have designed a four-year dual degree that leads to both a J.D. and a master’s degree in urban planning. Students completing this program are uniquely prepared for administration and public lawyering.

Law and Ph.D. Program

Students interesting in pursuing a Ph.D. and JD will find a supportive environment at the University at Buffalo School of Law. Through the Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy and the interdisciplinary tradition at the School of Law, students have the ability to combine any graduate degree program that the University offers with their JD Students pursuing this intensive combined degree program will find support among the faculty and administration at the Baldy Center.

Important: JD/PhD dual degree prospects should consult their PhD department regarding PhD funding and seek clarification on the possible loss of funding while pursuing JD coursework.

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