3+3 Accelerated BA-JD.

3+3 Accelerated BA-J.D.

The School of Law recognizes that qualified undergraduate students have the capacity and readiness to complete their undergraduate education and their law degree in less time than the seven years of study typically required.

We encourage undergraduate students at partner institutions to accelerate their course of study by completing their Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor in just six years of full-time study, saving students one year’s worth of time and tuition.

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Partner Institutions

We have established 3+3 programs with the following institutions:

Eligibility Requirements

The 3+ 3 Program is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students at partner schools who, by the completion of their third year of undergraduate studies, have:

  • Completed a minimum of 90 credits through residency, Advanced Placement, or transfer credits, including:
    • completion of undergraduate core curriculum as defined by their undergraduate institution;
    • completion of all course requirements of the undergraduate department(s) or program(s) in which the student is majoring and minoring or who have an agreement in writing with those departments or programs to accept courses taken at UB School of Law as satisfying major(s) or minor requirements.
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above through 90 credits of undergraduate coursework;
  • An LSAT score at or above the median LSAT for the School of Law’s previous year’s enrolled class OR GRE scores at or above the 70th percentile on the Verbal Reasoning section and at or above the 40th percentile on the Quantitative Reasoning section.

Undergraduate students at partner institutions should consult with their Academic Advisement Office during their freshman or sophomore year to discuss and plan for the application process.

Application Process

Eligible students must take the LSAT or GRE no later than January of their junior year and must apply to UB School of Law (via the Law School Admission Council) no later than February 1 of their junior year of undergraduate studies. Following the receipt of all required admission materials, the School of Law will review and arrive at an admission decision. The School of Law’s Admissions Committee reserves the right to request and conduct an in-person admissions interview prior to arriving at a final admission decision. 3+3 candidates are required to submit 2 academic recommendation letters.

How It Works

Upon successful completion of the first-year law school curriculum, students’ credits for the year are transferred to their undergraduate schools to complete the bachelor’s degree.


Only credits completed during a student’s first year of law school will be accepted as transfer credit towards the bachelor’s degree.  Participating students who withdraw or fail to successfully complete the first year of law school must complete the bachelor’s degree through their undergraduate schools.