Criminal Law Concentration

With a blend of lecture courses, seminars, practice and simulations, students acquire a wide variety of skills in the practical and theoretical aspects of modern criminal law.

To receive the Certificate in Criminal Law, students must successfully complete the following curriculum. Students must receive a grade of C or higher to receive Criminal Law Concentration credit for a course.


To apply for a Concentration or Curricular Program, please submit an online application.


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3 Required Courses

  • 505 Criminal Law
  • 610 Criminal Procedure 1 (or Criminal Procedure: Investigation)
  • 613 Evidence

Elective Course Categories

A total of 5 elective courses must be completed from the categories below. Specifically, one lecture and one hands-on course must be taken, in addition to two research courses. The fifth course can be either an additional lecture or hands-on course for a total of 5.

Courses offered may change due to faculty availability. Any student planning to take a course which is not listed above, but which seems appropriate may check with the Concentration/Program Director.

A. Lecture Courses (elect at least 1)

Offered Regularly:

  • 561 Computer Crime & Criminal Procedure
  • 694 Criminal Procedure 2 (or Criminal Procedure: Adjudication)
  • 817 Criminal Law Practicum
  • 702 Domestic Violence Law
  • 741 Forensic Science (offered through Dec 2019)
  • New York Criminal Law (lecture)
  • 643 White Collar Crime
  • Other Advanced Courses related to criminal law (by petition)

Offered Sporadically:

  • 739 Advanced Criminal Law: Legal and Practice Strategies (if taken as a course, not a seminar)
  • 682 Child Abuse and Neglect
  • 936 When the Victim is a Child
  • 812 Post-Conviction Remedies (Wrongful Convictions)
  • Prisoner Law

B. Research Courses (seminars, grad. courses in other depts., independent study) (elect at least 2)

Offered Regularly:

  • 796 Criminal Law Colloquium
  • 822 Gender, Sexuality and Law (paper must be written about a topic substantially related to criminal law in order to satisfy the seminar requirement)
  • 799 Independent Study related to criminal law (by petition)
  • Other Seminars and Graduate Courses related to criminal law (by petition)

C. Hands-On Courses (elect at least 1)

Offered Regularly:

  • 958 Choosing a Jury
  • 987 Direct and Cross Examination in a Criminal Trial
  • 908 Federal Pre-Trial Criminal Procedure
  • 964 Mental Illness and the Law
  • 960 Path of a Criminal Case
  • 831 Post-Incarceration Reentry Practicum
  • 938 Trial of a Death Penalty Case
  • 638 Trial Technique (criminal case)
  • 896 Family Violence & Women’s Rights Clinic (if related to criminal law)
  • 902 Handling a Criminal Case
  • Other Bridge and Hands-On Courses related to criminal law (by petition)

Offered Sporadically:

  • 683 Criminal Law Case Preparation
  • 927 Criminal Motions
  • Criminal Trial Evidence Issues
  • 958 Criminal Voir Dire
  • 908 Federal Pre-Trial Criminal Practice