Apply for a Clinic

Want to learn while doing? Want to help a client with a legal matter? Apply for a clinic!

Please review the instructions below carefully. All interested students should apply for a School of Law Legal Clinic via the online application.

Currently Available Clinics

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Before you apply

Applicants should be aware that all enrolled clinic students are considered members of the University at Buffalo School of Law’s Clinical Legal Education Program Law Practice, and will be admitted to practice under a practice order. Accordingly, enrolling in a UB law clinic requires students to agree to abide by law firm policies and procedures, including appropriate conflicts checks and confidentiality commitments that may go beyond matters in the particular clinic in which the student enrolls. This will be a substantial commitment both for the semester(s) in which the student is in a clinic, and thereafter. All new clinic student attorneys are expected to enroll for at least 4 credits during their first semester.

Because of the intensity of the experience, students are strongly discouraged from enrolling in more than one experiential course in a semester (i.e. a clinic, practicum, or externship). Permission will be granted in very limited cases only after a meeting with Professor Kim Diana Connolly.

Questions regarding the clinical program? Email!


To apply for a clinic, please:

  1. Complete the online application. You must list different first and second choices for a Clinic. You may list a third choice if you wish.
  2. Submit the online application by providing your electronic signature. Please be aware that you are now required to upload your Cover Letter, Resume, Unofficial Transcript, Writing Sample, and Conflict Inventory Acknowledgment along with your application.
  3. Submit your online application by Wednesday, April 12, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.
  4. You will be notified by email of whether or not you have been selected for a clinic. Students will be reviewed by their #1 choice initially. If not selected, your application materials will be forwarded to your #2 choice.
  5. If you accept a position in a clinic, you will be part of the clinical law firm. Your professors therefore plan around your presence in the clinic. Accordingly, accepting an offer to participate in a clinic means you agree to stay enrolled absent extraordinary circumstances, and may not withdraw without consulting your professor and the Director of Clinical Legal Education.
  6. Enrolled students must complete other necessary forms (for the court and the law firm) for registration. Your registration will not be approved until you submit all required paperwork, and your approval will be rescinded if you do not submit all paperwork within the required deadlines.

Clinics are popular, so acceptance to a Clinic is not guaranteed. We recommend that you register for a full schedule in case there is not room for you in a clinic next semester. If you are approved for a clinic and submit all the required paperwork, we will help you adjust your schedule.

JD/MSW Students

All JD/MSW students should consult directly with Melinda Saran regarding their choice of Clinic, or a Law and Social Work placement, for their JD/MSW Advanced year.