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A Message from the Director

The formal mission of University at Buffalo School of Law’s clinics easily translates to a hashtag: #UBLawResponds. The 2020 pandemic has had an impact on how, but not what, we do. The core of our work remains – student attorneys, supervised by expert attorney faculty members across many clinics, RESPOND by advocating fiercely and vigorously for justice and equity.


#UBLawResponds student attorneys serve clients, taking the lead on the front lines. Learning by doing is at the heart of what the School of Law's Clinical Legal Education department does every single day. All our clinics are interactive, immersive, and inclusive. Our students learn from some of the best clinicians in the country. They interact with clients and work on various matters in the courtroom, legislature, agencies, boardrooms, and beyond. And these days, like most practicing attorneys, they do a lot of that work online through Zoom or similar platforms, learning how to excel in modern practice.

Our program’s mission is “delivering access to justice while teaching UB law students to be excellent, ethical, and engaged lawyers.” This mission is more than just words on a page for our team. At their core, each and every clinic represents the rights of the most vulnerable in our communities who would not otherwise have access to justice, teaching students to be excellent lawyers in the process.

Our clients include women and children affected by intimate partner violence, journalists and others seeking access and transparency, pro se litigants needing support to file claims, people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic needing legal assistance to get life back on track, veterans seeking access to merited services, people in the criminal justice system seeking evenhanded treatment and systemic reform, animals at risk of death or mistreatment, individuals needing litigators to protect individual civil rights & civil liberties, individuals and organizations seeking alternatives to traditional dispute resolution, environmental organizations seeking justice and equity, and so many more.

At #UBLawResponds, we take seriously our commitment to educate the next generation of social justice pro bono champions. We ensure that our students emerge from clinics with proficiency in modern lawyering skills, active experience with antiracism and cultural humility, a strong sense of professionalism, and transferrable substantive knowledge. We also interweave experiences in the reflective and connective skills that take lawyering to the next level.

You can connect with us on social media via Facebook (@UBLawClinics); Twitter (@UB_LawClinics); and Instagram (@UBLawClinics). Reach out if you want to connect with program by emailing us at

Want to be a part of #UBLawResponds – join us!

  • Prospective students – ask us about our programs and outcomes
  • Current students – now is your time – take a clinic and make a difference
  • Prospective clients – contact us to see if we can help! If not, we can refer you to our community partners
  • Community partners – thank you for your support!
  • Alumni – support our efforts with your time, treasure, and talents

Contact Us

For more information about our Clinical Legal Education programs, please contact:

  • Kim Diana Connolly, Professor; Director of Clinical Legal Education; Vice Dean for Advocacy and Experiential Education
  • Dawn Skopinski, Associate Director for Experiential Learning
  • Judith A. Bain, Assistant Director for Experiential Learning
  • Elisa Lackey, Managing Director, Clinical Legal Education
  • Cheryl L. Tubinis, Administrator for Skills and Special Programs
  • Nancy Kacala, Temporary Support Staff

Clinical Legal Education Program
University at Buffalo School of Law
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