Here is how.

A Message from the Director

In today’s age of technology, everyone and everything has a hashtag.  Our formal mission is easily translated to ours ….  #UBLawResponds …. Because at the core of our work is that as students, teachers, and an institution we RESPOND to fight fiercely and vigorously for justice.


The student attorneys of #UBLawResponds serve and learn on the front lines for clients. Learning by doing is at the heart of what the School of Law's Clinical Legal Education department does every single day. All our clinics are interactive and hands-on. Our students learn from some of the best clinicians in the country to interact with clients and work on various matters in the courtroom, legislature, agencies, boardroom, and beyond.

Our program’s mission is “delivering access to justice while teaching UB law students to be excellent, ethical, and engaged lawyers.” This mission is more than just words on a page for our team. At the heart of what each and every clinic does is represent the rights of the most vulnerable in our communities who would not otherwise have access to justice.

Our clients include cancer patients receiving treatment, minimum wage workers, women and children affected by intimate partner violence, veterans needing protection of privacy, animals at risk of death in kill shelters, environmental organizations seeking justice, and so many more.

Our students, under the guidance of our skilled faculty and staff, stand up in court, stand before legislatures, or speak to other decisionmakers to fight for the rights of these clients and many more. We not only take seriously our commitment to educate the next generation of social justice, pro bono champions. And we make sure that our students emerge with deep experience in professionalism and modern lawyering skills.

Here is how.
  • #UBLawResponds harnessed the efforts of student attorneys and providing more than 8130 clinical service hours to clients;
  • #UBLawResponds filed more than 80 FEMA appeals, provided over 800 individuals with humanitarian aid, and did award-winning research in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico;
  • #UBLawResponds successfully represented three human trafficking victims in getting special visas so they could avoid deportation;
  • #UBLawResponds represents unaccompanied minors from Central America
  • #UBLawResponds successfully resolved a complicated disability discrimination claim for a cancer patient;
  • #UBLawResponds has crafted over 100 advance planning health care directives, powers of attorney, and standby guardianship for clients at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • #UBLawResponds achieved victory to provide better protection to the public’s 1st Amendment right to access to court records ensuring that journalists and citizens can understand the cases and controversies that end up in court;
  • #UBLawResponds has supported a cross-border coalition to achieve transboundary designation of a wetland of national importance honoring local waterways for generations to come
  • #UBLawResponds has fought for dozens of victims of family violence in their struggle to regain control of their lives
  • #UBLawResponds has drafted and enacted local legislation in communities across western New York protecting cats and humans in those communities

Want to be a part of it – join us!

  • Prospective students – ask us about our programs and outcomes
  • Current students – now is your time – take a clinic and make a difference
  • Prospective clients – contact us to see if we can help! If not, we can refer you to our community partners
  • Community partners – thank you for your support!
  • Alumni – support our efforts with your time, treasure, and talents

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For more information about our Clinical Legal Education programs, please contact:

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