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The Buffalo Human Rights Law Review is published once a year by the law students of the University at Buffalo School of Law. The Review's editorial and general offices are located at:

604 John Lord O'Brian Hall
University at Buffalo School of Law
Buffalo, NY 14260

For additional information, please contact our office by telephone at 716-645-6206 or via email at

The Buffalo Human Rights Law Review welcomes unsolicited manuscripts. The BHRLR annually publishes articles, book reviews, comments, and notes relevant to the contemporary protection of human rights. We particularly value submissions that offer interdisciplinary legal analyses of human rights issues. Articles accepted for publication will identify a compelling thesis, support that thesis with thorough argument and evidence, and offer constructive analysis and research that advances understanding of human rights law.


Subscription Information

Submission Guidelines

The Buffalo Human Rights Law Review focuses on any issues concerning human rights, including topics that apply an interdisciplinary approach. The Editorial Board welcomes interested authors to submit their original manuscripts either to, our Scholastica account, or to:

604 John Lord O'Brian Hall
University at Buffalo Law School
Buffalo, NY 14260

Submissions should conform to Bluebook citation conventions, using consecutively-numbered footnotes rather than endnotes. Please use standard typeface and character size and double-space the body of your text. Manuscripts cannot be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope.

Please accompany your submissions with the following:

  1. Cover Letter (separate from the e-mail)
  2. Article (in MS Word format)
  3. Curriculum Vitae/Resume

Also, for electronic submissions, please include the title of your submission and the authors name in the subject line of the submission email:

  • "Article Submission: [Author name]" for articles;
  • "Essay Submission: [Author name]" for essays;
  • or "Book Review Submission: [Author name]" for book review.


The BHRLR makes publication decisions on a rolling basis. Please expect email confirmation when your article is received, and email notification of final publication decisions when decisions are reached. Most publication decisions are reached within two months of receipt.

Expedited Review

If you have received an offer from another journal for your Article, Essay, or Review and would like to request an expedited review, please send an email to The subject line of the e-mail should only include the title "Expedited Review." In the body of the email, please include:

  • Your name
  • Title of your manuscript
  • Date your current offer expires
  • Deadline for a decision from the Buffalo Law Review
  • Your contact information (e-mail, phone number, mailing address)


Submissions are held in strictest confidence, and shared only with BHRLR staff and board members. Contact information is used only to reach authors for reasons directly related to specific submissions. Such information is never shared with third-parties, and never used for mass-mail.

Editorial Privilege

The BHRLR reserves editorial privilege entirely.

Subscription Information


To subscribe to the BHRLR please contact William S. Hein & Co., Inc. at 716-882-2600 or 800-828-7572 or the BHRLR Managing Editor at 716-645-6206 or by email at

A mail request can be sent to Buffalo Human Rights Law Review 604 O'Brian Hall, North Campus, Buffalo, NY 14260.


Unless otherwise noted, all articles are copyright 2007 by the Buffalo Human Rights Law Review. Copies may be made for classroom use, provided that:

  1. the Review is notified;
  2. the author and the Review are identified;
  3. notice of copyright appears on each copy; and (4) copies are distributed at or below cost.

The Buffalo Human Rights Law Review reserves editorial privilege with regard to all matters of form, including, but not limited to, diction, grammar, spelling, syntax and matters of convention, as well as with regard to the substantive accuracy of citations.

Back Issues

Back issues and bound and unbound volumes are available from William S. Hein & Co., Inc., located at 1285 Main St., Buffalo, NY 14209-1987. They can be contacted directly at 716- 882-2600 or 800-828-7572.