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UB Jump Start - Free Law School Prep Program for International Students

Published October 29, 2018

For international students coming to American law school, the challenge begins much sooner than the first day of classes. For some students, figuring out how to get their ID is harder than the actual courses.

The Jump Start program is here to help!

What is the Jump Start program?

UB Law’s Jump Start program is a free 4-week summer course that provides on-site American law school preparation for international students. The program is structured to help new students get acquainted with the law school and American legal concepts before classes start.

Law school preparation with the Jump Start program covers both academic and lifestyle aspects:

Academic Preparation Student Life Preparation
Fundamentals of the U.S. legal system Meet other classmates (international & local)
Essentials of reading & understanding case law Attend mandatory university-wide orientation sessions
Introductory legal writing concepts Obtain IDs & set up housing
Utilizing & understanding legal vocabulary Visit local legal & cultural sites
Practice speaking, reading, writing & listening to legal English Get familiar with the campus & the city of Buffalo

The Jump Start program is led by William MacDonald, our Director of Academic Success.

Why does the Jump Start program exist?

Because law school is hard enough when you’re born in the U.S.! International students face barriers to success that, with some individual guidance, are easily resolved.

UB Law hosts 5,000 international students from more than 100 countries around the world. International law students choose the UB School of Law due to its opportunities for foreign and cross-border practice, including:

  • Its proximity to Canada, one of the nation’s most influential trading partners
  • Collaborative connections with some of the region’s most prestigious law firms (all of whom engage in cross-border legal practice)
  • Education directly from experienced attorneys as well as faculty
  • Development of skills that can be applied to cross-border work anywhere in the world

Because UB Law is so attractive for international students, we aim to make the cultural transition as simple as possible. The Jump Start program helps students get up to speed to make living and studying in America less daunting.

Want to apply to UB Law as an international student? Get more information and ask questions here!

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