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How to Learn About Law Schools

Published January 18, 2023

Photo of Laurel Root.

Laurel Root is the Director of Recruitment and Admissions at the University at Buffalo School of Law.

You’re ready to consider law school! Maybe you’re an undergraduate student, or perhaps you’ve been working for a few years and you’re now looking to start your legal education. Regardless, getting to know the law schools where you’ll apply is an important step in your journey to law school. Every school has something unique to offer, so it’s important to do your research and make sure when it comes time to make a decision, you’re making the best one for you. Here are some ways to learn about each school, the benefits of each option, and how to make the most of your research!

1. One-on-one meetings with admissions

Depending on the school, virtual and in-person options might be offered. Having an in-person meeting gives you a great chance to get a feel for the campus. Short on time or it isn’t feasible to travel to all the schools that interest you? Select a virtual option! It’s still a great way to connect with an admissions representative and get your questions answered.

  • The Benefit: Regardless of the format, you get to ask the important questions, start building relationships with the Office of Admissions, and receive the best advice based on that particular school. Spoiler alert: Admissions policies vary by school, so check directly with the schools that are on your list. Don’t assume they’ll all have the same answers to your questions!
  • Tip: Make a list of the questions you have ahead of time for the admissions representative, so you don’t forget anything you’d like to find out. Also, feel free to take notes during your meeting. Don’t hesitate to ask difficult questions, as you want to make sure the school you select is going to be the best fit for YOU.  Schedule your appointment today!

2. Open House

The most comprehensive of all recruitment events, Open Houses, typically feature content about the application process, law school curriculum, as well as financial aid, and scholarship opportunities. These events can also feature current law students and alumni, who are able to provide insight into the path to law school, discuss why they chose the school, and life as a law student. 

  • The Benefit: This gives you an opportunity to meet with admissions representatives, current students, alumni, learn about the school and its programs, and everything you need to know about the application process. It’s a great way to network and get a feel for the school and you might even be able to take a tour!
  • Tip: Can’t attend in person? Check if schools offer a hybrid option or a fully virtual event. While UB Law hosts an in-person Fall Open House, we also offer a Virtual Open House Week in January.

3. Virtual Info Sessions

Virtual Info Sessions are the most effective way to use your time and maximize your knowledge about a school and their admissions procedures. Typically, these info sessions are presentations from an admissions representative followed by a Question & Answer portion. Presentations often cover: an overview of the school and program(s), the law school curriculum, student experience, application process, and financial aid.

  • The Benefit: You get to ask questions directly to an admissions representative. Feeling shy? You have the opportunity to listen to other questions that are being asked!
  • Tip: Can’t attend live? Recordings might be available! Check out our recorded sessions in our Digital Library.

4. Law School Tours

Tours are guided walks through the law school. Typically, tours can take anywhere from 20-60 minutes, and are provided by staff or current students. Ask ahead of time how long the tour will take if you’re visiting in-person, or if there is a virtual option if you can’t make it there just yet. Touring facilities, regardless of the format, gives you a feel for a school, its strengths, and what it would be like to be a student there.

  • The Benefit: You learn as you go! The in-person format gives you the opportunity to ask questions to the tour provider while the virtual option can be done at your pace.
  • Tip: Wear comfortable shoes and give yourself extra time. Don’t plan to rush through the tour. Did you work up an appetite on your walk through O’Brian Hall? Check out One World Café, UB’s internationally themed dining spot that reflects our globally diverse community and many cultures. My favorite is the Noodle Pavilion. In-person tours can be requested in conjunction with your meeting with admissions or you can take a Virtual Tour at your leisure.

5. Class Visits

A truly immersive experience, you get to visit a doctrinal (1L) course. These courses are large lecture formats, with approximately 75 students, half of the 1L cohort. 

  • The Benefit: You are able to witness the teaching styles of law school professors, and the expectations that will face you in law school regarding class preparation and participation. Cold calling, anyone? Don’t worry, as a guest you won’t be the recipient of a cold call, but you’ll likely see it in action!
  • Tip: Make sure you schedule your class visit in advance. At UB Law, we offer class visits during the Fall and Spring semesters, when classes are in session.

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Photo of Laurel Root.

Laurel Root is the Director of Recruitment and Admissions at the University at Buffalo School of Law.


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