Career Panels and Programs

Do you know what lawyers do all day? Have you ever talked to a tax attorney or a District Attorney? Our programs give students an opportunity to get the inside story on a particular type of career that might be of interest to you.

Each year the Career Services Office invites law firm, corporate, government and public interest attorneys, and J.D.'s who are using their degrees in interesting ways, as well as other representatives of prospective employers, to speak on various careers for law graduates.

CSO programs includes a formal presentation followed by an informal, question-and-answer period. Panel members welcome this opportunity to interact with students, answer questions and share advice. Audio recordings of programs from previous years are available in the Law Library’s Koren Center.

  • alternative career opportunities
  • callback interview secrets
  • corporate counsel
  • dynamite interviewing
  • environmental law
  • federal hiring
  • first-year job search series
  • joining your state bar association
  • judicial clerkships
  • law firm management
  • networking
  • public interest fellowships
  • public interest law
  • public sector jobs
  • resume & letter writing
  • solo practice
  • surviving the summer