Student Interview Programs

The Law School has both on- and off-campus interview programs in which employers review resumes submitted by students, decide whom they wish to see and contact the Career Services Office with the names of their choices.

While the CSO does not take part in those employer decisions, the CSO encourages employers to participate and then administer the programs.

A Summer Start

As a rule, only about 12% of students nationally obtain employment through their law schools' on-campus interview program. Begin investigating employers now, forming a database and using the resources available to build your list of possibilities and network of contacts. Although many smaller employers will not know their hiring needs until much later in the year, it is never too early to make valuable contacts.

If you are seeking employment with large employers that are not participating in the UB programs, you should begin contacting them in late July, trying to arrange interviews before you return to school.

You might do well to meet with some alumni contacts in your target area as well. Please review the materials below for directories and other sources of information on firm hiring.

Late Summer/Early Fall

Using LOCK to get things started.
By now, you should all have received a "Welcome Message" from LOCK which contains your ID and password for the system. Also attached to your "Welcome Message," was a link to the Reference Guide for the use of LOCK, which includes instructions for the Recruitment Process.

Upload your application materials for the interview programs and "collect" employers. This will allow CSO access to your materials, should you like CSO to review your resume. The CSO can provide feedback by appointment or by mail, fax, email, or even over the phone.

If you’ve forgotten or deleted your password information, you will have to click on the appropriate icon in LOCK for a forgotten password. If you have a problem, you may contact our office, and we will reissue you a "Welcome Message".

Our Career Services Office Resources has a number of materials available to help get you started on the fall interviewing process. Please be sure to read all of them.

What You Need:

  1. The Fall Recruiting Programs Section of the CSO Handbook, Chapter 7
  2. NALP Open Letter to Law Students (PDF)
  3. Special Alert Message (PDF)
  4. Memo about the grading/ranking system (PDF)