Students attending the Students of Color event.

Peer-to-Peer Advocate Program

The Peer-to-Peer Advocate Program is a new initiative by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), designed to foster structured, and purposeful relationships between new students and upper-level students.

Our student advocates will provide acceptance, support, encouragement, and guidance to promote healthy development and student success.

The goal of this program is to:

  • Help students confidently navigate their first year of law school and answer student-based questions.
  • Support new students by facilitating their success and wellbeing.
  • Provide new students an informal opportunity to network within the law school.
  • Foster a welcoming environment.
  • Assist students in creating a healthy work-life balance.

If you are a new student at UB School of Law and have questions on this program OR if you are an upper-level student and wish to be one of our advocates, contact Amy Hayes Atkinson, Director of Student Lfe at

This Year's Advocates

Erin Barry ‘20.

Erin Barry '20

Tevon Carpenter ‘20.

Tevon Carpenter ‘20

Jaynie Doe ‘21.

Jaynie Doe ‘21

Justice Dunwoody ‘21.

Justice Dunwoody ‘21

Carri Garber ‘20.

Carri Garber ‘20

Dwight Jackson ‘20.

Dwight Jackson ‘20

Destiny Johnson ‘20.

Destiny Johnson ‘20

Colton Kells ‘20.

Colton Kells ‘20

Heather Kimmins ‘20.

Heather Kimmins ‘20

 Rosellen Marohn ‘20.

Rosellen Marohn ‘20

Meghan McElligott ‘20.

Meghan McElligott ‘20

Gina Middleton ‘20.

Gina Middleton ‘20

Serena Mott ‘20.

Serena Mott ‘20

Christine Naassana ‘20.

Christine Naassana ‘20

Rob Neill ‘20.

Rob Neill ‘20

Marline Paul ‘20.

Marline Paul ‘20

Gina Piva ‘20.

Gina Piva ‘20

Jessica Simonetti ‘20.

Jessica Simonetti ‘20

Charles Terranova ‘20.

Charles Terranova ‘20

Rosibel Ventura ‘20.

Rosibel Ventura ‘20

Courtney Way ‘20.

Courtney Way ‘20

Dan White ‘20.

Dan White ‘20

Robert Ziske ‘20.

Robert Ziske ‘20