Greiner Hall dorm room.

Housing & Meals

The Discover Law Undergraduate Scholars Program will provide on-campus housing and a partial meal stipend to students.

All students are housed in Greiner Hall, the UB North Campus student housing complex. Students live in a suite-style residence, with two resident rooms connected by a shared bathroom. There are kitchenettes on each wing of every floor, equipped with stoves, sinks and microwaves. Students are permitted to bring dorm-sized refrigerators if they choose.

Other amenities include:

  • study/lounge space on every floor;
  • a fully equipped laundry facility, which is free of charge;
  • first-floor café, with full dining facilities in an adjacent complex;
  • cable and Internet connections in each room;
  • wireless access in public areas;
  • courtesy phone on each floor;
  • close proximity to the law school where classes take place;
  • and ATM access readily available on campus.

Program participants are given a meal card, which will operate as a debit card in all dining facilities, and campus food venues. Catered dinners will be provided at no cost each evening. Each card will be pre-loaded with a partial meal stipend to help students offset the costs of breakfast and lunch.