Discover Law Application

Selection for the Discover Law program is focused on academically promising underrepresented and first-generation law students who will bring a broad range of experiences to the program. The selection committee will consider the following factors:

  • Aa GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • A record of academic achievement despite economic challenges, social or cultural disadvantages, linguistic barriers, or extraordinary family or personal responsibilities.
  • Exceptional personal talents, interesting or demanding work or service experience.
  • Rigorousness of undergraduate course of study.
  • Demonstration of leadership potential
  • The ability to communicate effectively.

As a regional program, primary consideration will be given to western and central New York residents as well as students in northeastern Pennsylvania and eastern New York. However, if you do not live in these areas, your application will still be considered, and you are encouraged to apply.

Application Instructions

Students must submit a completed application package, which must include:

  1. Background information,
  2. A personal statement of their interest in the Discover Law Scholars Program,
  3. An official transcript,
  4. One letter of recommendation (up to 3 letters accepted, only one is required).
  5. A current resume.
  6. An optional adversity/discrimination statement may be submitted with the applications.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Completed applications will be reviewed immediately after the application deadline.

All materials should be submitted electronically. Please do not mail any application materials.

Note that our Summer 2024 Discover Law Program will take place Saturday, June 1st to Friday, June 28, 2024.   

The deadline to apply is Monday, April 15.

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