McCluskey, Martha T.

Martha T. McCluskey

Professor Emerita

Research Focus: Civil Rights Law, Critical Legal Studies, Disability Law, Employment Law, Energy Law, Family Law, Gender and Law, Health Law, Insurance and the Law, Law and Economics, Race and the Law, Regulated Industries, Welfare Law

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317 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100

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Feminism, Media, and the Law (with M. Fineman, eds.) (Oxford University Press: 1997)
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Journal Articles

Constitutional Economic Justice:  Structural Power for “We the People,” 35 YALE LAW & POLICY REVIEW, vol. 271 (2016)
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Framing Middle Class Insecurity: Tax and the Ideology of Unequal Growth, FORDHAM LAW REVIEW, vol. 84 (2016)
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Toward a Fundamental Right to Evade Law? The Rule of Power in Shelby County and State Farm, JOURNAL OF RACE, GENDER, AND ETHNICITY (Symposium) (2014)

How Money for Legal Scholarship Disadvantages Feminism, ISSUES LEGAL SCHOLARSHIP vol. 9: 25 (2012)
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How the "Unintended Consequences" Story Promotes Unjust Intent and Impact, BERKELEY LA RAZA LAW JOURNAL vol. 22: 22 (2012)
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Reforming Insurance to Support Workers’ Rights to Compensation, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL MEDICINE vol. 55: 15 (2012)
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Taxing Family Work: Aid for Affluent Husband Care, COLUMBIA JOURNAL OF GENDER AND LAW  vol. 21: 109 (2012)
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How the Biological/Social Divide Limits Disability and Equality, WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF LAW AND POLICY vol. 33: 109 (2010)
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Constitutionalizing Class Inequality: Due Process in State Farm, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW vol. 56: 1035 (2009)
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Thinking With Wolves: Left legal Theory After the Right's Rise, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW vol. 54: 1191 (2007)
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The Substantive Politics of Formal Corporate Power, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW vol. 53: 1453  (2006)
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How Equality Became Elitist: The Cultural Politics of Economics from the Court to the "Nanny Wars", SETON HALL LAW REVIEW vol. 35: 1291 (2005)
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Caring for Workers (Symposium on Law, Labor, and Gender), MAINE LAW REVIEW  vol. 55: 314 (2003)
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Efficiency and Social Citizenship: Challenging the Neoliberal Attack on the Welfare State, INDIANA LAW JOURNAL vol. 78: 783 (2003)
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Whose Risk, Whose Security?, THE AMERICAN PROSPECT vol. 11 (2002)

Insurer Moral Hazard in the Workers' Compensation Crisis: Reforming Cost Inflation, Not Rate Suppression, EMPLOYEE RIGHTS AND EMPLOYMENT POLICY JOURNAL vol. 5: 55 (2001)
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Subsidized Lives and the Ideology of Efficiency, AMERICAN UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF GENDER, SOCIAL POLICY & THE LAW vol. 8: 115 (2000)

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The Illusion of Efficiency in Workers' Compensation "Reform", RUTGERS LAW REVIEW  vol. 50: 657 (1998)
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Transforming Victimization, TIKKUN vol. 9: 54 (1994)
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Privileged Violence, Principled Fantasy, and Feminist Method: The Colby Fraternity Case, MAINE LAW REVIEW vol. 44: 261 (1992)
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Rethinking Equality and Difference: Disability Discrimination in Public Transportation, YALE LAW JOURNAL vol. 97: 863 (1988)
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Book Chapters

Personal Responsibility for Systemic Inequality in EDWARD ELGAR HANDBOOK ON POLITICAL ECONOMY AND THE LAW (Ugo Mattei and John Haskell, editors) (forthcoming 2015)

How Money for Legal Theory Disadvantages Feminism in ISSUES IN LEGAL SCHOLARSHIP  (K. Abrams, editor) (Forthcoming)

Defending and developing critical feminist theory as law leans rightward, TRANSCENDING THE BOUNDARIES OF LAW: GENERATIONS OF FEMINISM AND LEGAL THEORY (Routledge:   2011): 352
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From the Welfare State to the Militarized Market: Losing Choices, Controlling Losers, ACCUMULATING INSECURITY: VIOLENCE AND DISPOSSESSION IN THE MAKING OF EVERYDAY LIFE (2011): 27
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Changing, Not Balancing, the Market: Economic Politics and "Social" Programs, PROGRESSIVE LAWYERING, GLOBALIZATION, AND MARKETS: RETHINKING IDEOLOGY AND STRATEGY (Hein:   2009): 129
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How Queer Theory Makes Neoliberalism Sexy: Economics and the Queer Challenge to Feminism, FEMINIST AND QUEER LEGAL THEORY: INTIMATE ENCOUNTERS, UNCOMFORTABLE CONVERSATIONS (Ashgate Press:   2009): 115
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Razing the Citizen: Economic Inequality, GENDER, AND MARRIAGE TAX REFORM, GENDER EQUALITY: DIMENSIONS OF WOMEN'S EQUAL CITIZENSHIP (Cambridge University Press:   2009): 267
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Deconstructing the State/Market Divide: The Rhetoric of Regulation from Workers' Compensation to the WTO, FEMINISM CONFRONTS HOMO ECONOMICUS: GENDER, ECONOMICS, AND THE LAW (M. Fineman & T. Dougherty, eds.) (Cornell University Press:   2005): 147
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The Politics of Economics in Welfare Reform, FEMINISM CONFRONTS HOMO ECONOMICUS: GENDER, ECONOMICS, AND THE LAW (M. Fineman & T. Dougherty, eds.) (Cornell University Press:   2005): 193
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Workers' Compensation, POVERTY IN THE UNITED STATES: AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HISTORY, POLITICS, AND POLICY (G. Mink and A. O’Connor, eds.) (ABC-CLIO:   2004): 828
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Rhetoric of Risk and the Redistribution of Social Insurance, EMBRACING RISK: THE CHANGING CULTURE OF INSURANCE AND RESPONSIBILITY (T. Baker and J. Simon, eds.) (University of Chicago Press:   2001): 146
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Fear of Feminism: The Media Debate about Victims and Violence on College Campuses, FEMINISM, MEDIA AND THE LAW (M. Fineman, ed.) (Oxford University Press:   1997): 57
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