Mutua, Makau W.

Makau W. Mutua

SUNY Distinguished Professor Floyd H. and Hilda L. Hurst Faculty Scholar

Former Dean, University at Buffalo School of Law

Research Focus: Constitution-Making, Human Rights, International Business Transactions, Post-Colonialism, Post-Conflict Societies, Public International Law, State Reconstruction, Third World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL), Transitional Justice

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Contact Information

626 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100
Phone: 716-645-2311

Faculty Assistant: Suzanne Caruso




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Journal Articles

Mazrui and Barkan: A Tribute, JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY AFRICAN STUDIES, vol. 33 p. 433 (2016)
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What is the Future of Transitional Justice?, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE(2015) vol. 9 p. 1

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Magazine Articles

Africa and the International Criminal Court: Closing the impunity gap, The Broker Magazine December 07, 2010

Lessons from Kenya: Failures in Lasting Democratic Reform Led to this Year's Devastating Violence, 54 Chronicle of Higher Education (Issue 36, May 16, 2008) B18

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