John H. Schlegel

University at Buffalo Distinguished Professor; Floyd H. & Hilda L. Hurst Faculty Scholar

Research Focus: Corporate Finance, Economic Redevelopment of Rust Belt Cities, Legal History of the American

Links: Curriculum Vitae, Personal Website

Contact Information

526 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100
Phone: 716-645-2746

Faculty Assistant: Anita M. Gesel



American Legal Realism and Empirical Social Science (1995)
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Journal Articles

On Absences as Material for Historical Study, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW vol. 64: 141-59 (2016)

A Response from the River Jordan, TIKKUN (Summer 2015)

Philosophical Inquiry and Social Practice, VIRGINIA LAW REVIEW vol. 101: 1197-1202 (2015)
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“The Three Globalizations:” An Essay in Inquiry, LAW AND CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS vol. 78: 19-35 (2015)
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“The Three Globalizations”: An Essay in Inquiry, LAW AND CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS vol. 77 (forthcoming 2014)

Together Again, COMPARATIVE LAW REVIEW (2012) vol. 3 p. 1

American Legal Theory and American Legal Education: A Snake Swallowing Its Tail, GERMAN LAW JOURNAL (2011) vol. 12 p. 67
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For Peter, with Love, PEPPERDINE LAW REVIEW (2009) vol. 36 p. 535
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On the Many Flavors of Capitalism, or Reflections on Schumpeter's Ghost, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW (2009) vol. 56 p. 965
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One Less Note to Answer [Comments], BUFFALO LAW REVIEW (2009) vol. 57 p. 1150
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18 or 30, But Not 22, Harv. C.R.-C.L. L. Rev. (2008) vol. 43 p. 629-632
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Drawing Back from the Abyss, on Lessons Learned from Count von Count, THE CRIT (2008) vol. 1 p. 16
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A Damn Hard Thing to Do, VANDERBILT LAW REVIEW (2007) vol. 60 p. 371-384
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CLS Wasn't Killed by a Question, ALABAMA LAW REVIEW (2007) vol. 58 p. 967
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Unfortunately, White-Collar is the Default Setting: Boys and Higher Education, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW (2005) vol. 53 p. 1035
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From High in the Paper Tower, An Essay on von Humboldt's University, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW (2004) vol. 52 p. 865
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But Pierre, If We Can't Think Normatively, What Are We Going To Do?, UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI LAW REVIEW  (2003) vol. 57 p. 955
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Of Duncan, Peter and Thomas Kuhn, CARDOZO LAW REVIEW (2001) vol. 22 p. 1061
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Does Duncan Kennedy Wear Boxers or Briefs? Does Richard Posner Ever Sleep? Writing About Jurisprudence, High Culture and the History of Intellectuals, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW (1997) vol. 45 p. 277
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Between the Harvard Founders and the American Legal Realists: The Professionalization of the American Law Professor, JOURNAL OF LEGAL EDUCATION (1985) vol. 35 p. 311
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Critical Legal Studies: Notes Toward an Intimate, Opinionated, and Affectionate History of the Conference on Critical Legal Studies, STANFORD LAW REVIEW (1984) vol. 36
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Book Chapters

. . . and Law?, in Contemporary Legal Thought Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (C. Tomlins and J. Desuetels-Stein, eds.) (forthcoming 2017)

Legal Realism, INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES (James D. Wright, ed.) (Elsevier: 2015) p. 772

Critical Legal Studies, BLACKWELL COMPANION ON AMERICAN LEGAL HISTORY (A. Trophy and S. Hadden, editors) (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013) (524-542)

On a Possible Instance of the Transmigration of Souls: From American Regal Legalism to American Legal Realism and Back Again, GLOBALIZATION AND THE U.S. LAW SCHOOL: COMPARATIVE AND CULTURAL PERSPECTIVES 1906-2006 (S. Hicks & K. Modéer, editors) (Lund University Press, 2010) (77-92)

Academics, OXFORD INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LEGAL HISTORY (Oxford University Press:   2009) p. 11
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Conflating the Good with the Public Good, PRIVATE LAWYERS AND THE PUBLIC INTEREST: THE EVOLVING ROLE OF PRO BONO IN THE LEGAL PROFESSION (Oxford University Press:   2009) p. 279-293
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Law and Economic Change During the Short Twentieth Century, CAMBRIDGE HISTORY OF LAW IN AMERICA (Cambridge University Press:   2008) p. 563-612
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Critical Legal Studies, THE OXFORD COMPANION TO AMERICAN LAW (K. Hall, ed.) (Oxford University Press:   2002) p. 202-204
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Legal Realism, THE OXFORD COMPANION TO AMERICAN LAW (K. Hall, ed.) (Oxford University:   2002) p. 501-503
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Legal Realism, INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES (N. Smelzer and P. Bates, ed.) (ScienceDirect:   2001) p. 8667-8670
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Words from a Largely Forgotten Man, THE FUNDAMENTAL INTERRELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN GOVERNMENT AND PROPERTY (The Economics of Legal Relationships series) (N. Mercuro & W.J. Samuels, ed.) (JAI Press:   1999) p. 223
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Reports, Papers & Other Scholarship

Preface (Prefácio em inglês), Ensino jurídico e teoria do direito nos EUA (Ferreira, Daniel Brantes) (Juruá Editora:   2012) p. 13-14
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More Crab, Still No Barrel (2008)

Like Crabs in a Barrel: Economy, History and Redevelopment in Buffalo, Center Working Papers (University at Buffalo's Center for Studies in American Culture:   2005)

Book Reviews

Review of Newman, Roger, editor, THE YALE BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN LAW (Yale University Press, 2009), JOURNAL OF LEGAL EDUCATION (2  2010) vol. 59 p. 305
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Those Weren't "The Good Old Days," Just the Old Days (Reviewing L. Kalman, YALE LAW SCHOOL AND THE SIXTIES: REVOLT AND REVERBERATIONS (2005)), LAW & SOCIAL INQUIRY (2007) vol. 32 p. 841
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Understanding Buffalo's Economic Development (reviewing Diana Dillaway, POWER FAILURE: POLITICS, PATRONAGE, AND THE ECONOMIC FUTURE OF BUFFALO, NEW YORK (2006)), BUFFALO LAW REVIEW (with Thomas E. Headrick) (2007) vol. 54 p. 1537
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Talkin' Dirty (reviewing W. Twining, BLACKSTONE'S TOWER (1994) and L. Kalman, The Strange Career of Legal Liberalism (1996)), LAW & SOCIAL INQUIRY (1996) vol. 21 p. 981
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A Tasty Tidbit (reviewing M. Horwitz, THE TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICAN LAW: 1870-1960 (1992)), BUFFALO LAW REVIEW (1993) vol. 41 p. 1045
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