Robert A. Stark


Lecturer in Law, Legal Analysis, Writing and Research    

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Contact Information

620 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100
Phone: 716-645-2514


Un-Alternative Facts: Why “Where” Matters in Factual Presentation When Moving or Opposing Summary Judgment, 20 NEBRASKA LAWYER 31 (May/June 2017)

There May or May Not Be Blood: Why the Eighth Amendment Prohibition Against Executing the Insane Requires a Definitive Standard, 41 CREIGHTON LAW REVIEW 763 (2008)

The Effect on Labor Markets of Natural Resource Boom and Bust Cycles, TRENDLINES QUARTERLY LABOR ECONOMIC REPORT (May 2006)

Book Chapters

Appeals from orders of magistrate judges in federal court in Nebraska Appellate Practice Handbook (DL Real, DC Leavitt, LB Benson eds.) (2016)