Faculty Workshops 2020-21

For additional information about Law Faculty Workshops, contact Guyora Binder.

Unless noted otherwise, workshops are held by video conference (Zoom) at 12:30 p.m. 

Papers are only available for download to UB faculty and staff. To download the papers, please use your UBID name and password.

Upcoming Workshops

Mar. 19 at 11:00am

Matthew Dimick
: Race and Domination
Commentators: Athena Mutua and Christopher Mele, UB Department of Sociology
Moderator: Luis Chiesa



Apr. 2

Mateo Taussig-Rubbo
Zoé Hamstead,
UB School of Architecture and Planning
 Heat law
Moderator: Kim Diana Connolly


Apr. 14, 15, 16

The Baldy Center Workshop: 
Irus Braverman, University at Buffalo School of Law
James J. Bono, University at Buffalo, History
Lucinda Cole University of Illinois, English
Jennifer A. Surtees, University at Buffalo, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Department of Biochemistry
Paul Vanouse University at Buffalo, Art
Title: Medical Posthumanities: Governing Health Beyond the Human


Apr. 23

Heather Abraham
Title: Honored in the Breach: The Government’s Duty to Consider Race
Commentators: Matt Steilen and Jim Gardner
Moderator: Christine Bartholomew


Apr. 30

The Baldy Center Virtual Book Workshop: Irus Braverman
Title: WILD LEGALITIES: Wild Life and Law in Palestine/Israel 


Sept. 17

David Alff, UB Department of English
Title: Easement as Literary Form
Moderator: Guyora Binder