Faculty Workshops 2018-19

For additional information about Law Faculty Workshops, contact Guyora BinderLight food and refreshments will be available 30 minutes prior to each workshop.

Unless noted otherwise, workshops are held in the Cellino and Barnes Conference Center. Lunch will be served at 12:00 p.m.; talk will begin at 12:30 p.m.

Papers are only available for download to UB faculty and staff. To download the papers, please use your UBID name and password.

Upcoming Workshops


Sept 6

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Stuart Banner, UCLA Law
Title: TBA

Sept 20

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Alexandra Natapoff, University of California, Irvine School of Law
Title: TBA

Past Events

May 10

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Steven Boutcher, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Title: Financing Legal Education Through Student Loans: Implications on Debt and Career Choice

May 3

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: John J Donohue III, Stanford Law School
Title: Right to Carry Laws and Violent Crimes

Apr. 26

James A. Gardner
Title: Conceptions of Politics in Comparative Perspective

Apr. 19

Anya Bernstein
 Selective Empiricism in Statutory Interpretation

Apr. 5

Laura Ford
Title: The Intellectual Property of Nations: Sociological and Historical Perspectives on a Modern Legal Institution

Mar. 29

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Matthew D. Adler, Duke Law School
Title: Measuring Social Welfare: Beyond Cost-Benefit Analysis

Mar. 15

Daniel Platt
 The Domestication of Finance: Gender and Credit in the United States, 1830-1930

Mar. 8

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Cristina Bicchieri, University of Pennsylvania 
Title: Social Proximity and the Evolution of Norm Compliance

Mar. 1

Baldy Distinguished SpeakerAndrás Sajó, Central European University
Title: Human Rights in a Closing World

Feb. 22

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Catherine Fisk, Berkeley Law
Title: Lawyers, Labor Protest, and the First Amendment in the Mid-Twentieth Century

Feb. 1

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Steven Boutcher, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Title: Financing Legal Education through Student Loans: Implications on Debt and Career Choice

Jan. 22 - Law Review Camp

 Jack Schlegel: “Third turtle down”  
    Commentators:  Daniel Platt and Jim Wooten

 Daniel Platt: "The Problem of Peonage" 
    Commentators: Matt Dimick and Athena Mutua

 Mandy Hughett: “Prison Labor” 
    Commentators: Daniel Platt and Michael Boucai

 Athena Mutua, “The Making of a Black Nationalist”  
    Commentators: Mandy Hughett and Jack Schlegel

Jan. 23 - Law Review Camp

 Jessie Owley, “Climate Migration and Conservation Lands” 
    Commentators:  Rick Su and Maggie Shannon

 Rick Su, “Democracy in Rural America” 
    Commentators: Errol Meidinger and  Matt Steilen

  Errol Meidinger: “The TPP and Environmental Regulation” 
    Commentators: Tara Melish and Jessie Owley

 Guyora Binder, “Democracy and the Authority of Law”
    Commentators: David McNamee and  Jim Wooten

Nov. 30

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Saule Omarova, Cornell Law School
Title: New Tech V. New Deal: Fintech as a Systemic Phenomenon

Nov. 9 (Law Library reception area)

Mitchell Lecture Speaker: John Braithwaite (Australian National University)
Title: Tempered Power, Variegated Capitalism, Law and Society

Oct. 26

Mark Bartholomew
Title: The Law of Advertising Outrage

Oct. 12

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Michael Storper (UCLA Luksin School of Public Affairs)
Title: Regional Innovation Transitions

Oct. 5

Matt Dimick
Title: Critical Labor Law: A Critique

Sept. 28

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Daniel Markovits (Yale Law School)
Title: The Meritocracy Trap

Sept. 14

Irus Braverman
Title: “Murky Waters: The Nature of Springs and the Israeli Occupation”  

Sept. 7

Martha McCluskey
Title: Beyond Public Incapacity:  Vulnerability’s Legal Theory for Ambitious Social Change

July 30 - Law Review Camp

 Amanda Hughett, “Our Work Keeps This Place Running”: Prison Labor and Prison Finance in the Age of Mass Incarceration
    Commentators:  Michael Boucai and Matt Dimick

    Presenter: Jennifer Pacella, “Fixing USA Gymnastics”
    Commentators: Nellie Drew and Jack Schlegel

Aug 9 - Law Review Camp

    Presenter: David MacNamee "A Theory of Fundamental Law"
    Commentators: Matt Steilen and Jonathan Manes

    Presenter: Michael Boucai, "Before Loving"
    Commentators: Luis Chiesa and Jim Gardner

Aug 8 - Law Review Camp

 Brenner Fissell, “Criminalization by Administrative Agencies: A Critique”
    Commentators:  David MacNamee and Luis Chiesa

    Presenter: Jim Gardner, “A Democratic Theory Analysis of Primary Elections”
    Commentators:  Matt Steilen and Rick Su  

    Presenter: Matt Steilen, “The Constitutional Convention in Theory and Practice: A Reply to Tuck and Wood”
    Commentators: Jim Gardner and Brenner Fissell

Aug 7 - Law Review Camp

 Luis Chiesa, “Can Men be Raped?” 
    Commentators: Michael Boucai, Guyora Binder

    Presenter: Jessica Owley, “Property in Confederate Monuments”
    Commentators: Amanda Hughett and Rick Su

    Presenter: Matt Dimick, “Equity, Efficiency and Uncertainty in Liability Rules”
    Commentators: Jim Wooten and Lucinda Finley