Faculty Workshops 2019-20

For additional information about Law Faculty Workshops, contact Guyora BinderLight food and refreshments will be available 30 minutes prior to each workshop.

Unless noted otherwise, workshops are held in the Cellino and Barnes Conference Center. Lunch will be served at 12:00 p.m.; talk will begin at 12:30 p.m.

Papers are only available for download to UB faculty and staff. To download the papers, please use your UBID name and password.

Upcoming Workshops


Mar. 27

Mitchell Lecture Series: Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law School
Title: To Be Represented: How they fail us, and how we do too 

Apr. 24

Baldy Center Book Talk: Hadar Aviram, UC Hastings College of Law
Title: Yesterday's Monsters the Manson Family Cases and The Illusion of Parole

Past Events


Feb. 28

Baldy Center, Legal History Series Speaker: Sam Erman, USC Gould School of Law
Title: Almost Citizens: Puerto Rico, the U.S. Constitution, and Empire
Download Erman's paper (PDF)

Feb. 21

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Paul Gowder, The University of Iowa Law 
Title: On Platforms and Polities

Feb. 14

Sarah Ludin
 Litigating 'Religion' in Reformation Germany: The Accidental Construction of a Bricolage Legal Category

Feb 7

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Janet Halley, Harvard Law School
Title: Towards the Liberal Family

Dec 6

Baldy Center, Legal History Series Speaker: Christian Burset, University of Notre Dame Law School
Title: Redefining The Rule of Law in The Eighteenth-Century British Empire

Oct. 11-12

Baldy Center Conference: Baldy Conference: Journal of Law & Political Economy, Developing the Field

Sept. 20

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Alexandra Natapoff, University of California, Irvine School of Law
Title: Criminal Municipal Courts

Sept.  26-29

Baldy Center Conference: The Second International Conference on Buddhism and Law

Sept. 13

Mark Bartholomew
Academic Branding and Cognitive Dissonance

Sept. 6

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Stuart Banner, UCLA Law
Title: Natural Law in the 19th-Century Legal System

Aug 14 - Law Review Camp

 Michael Boucai, “Phenomenology of the Closet” 
    Commentators: Diane Elze (UB Social Work) and Christine Varnado (UB Global Gender & Sexuality Studies)

    Presenter: Mark Bartholomew, "Copyright and the Brain”
    Commentators: Joyce Lacy (UB Psychology) and Jonathan Manes

Matthew Dimick, "Marx and Legal Positivism"
    Commentators: John Abromeit (Buffalo State, History) and Guyora Binder 

 Guyora Binder, "Authority and Obligation"
    Commentators: Matt Dimick and Ryan Muldoon (UB Philosophy)

Aug 7 - Law Review Camp

 James Gardner, "Structural Analysis of Democratic Practice: On the Constitutional Management of Power"
    Commentators:  Nicole Hallett and Matt Steilen

 Nicole Hallett, “Rethinking Prosecutorial Discretion in Immigration Enforcement”
    Commentators: Lucinda Finley and Anthony O'Rourke

Anthony O’Rourke, “Punishing Self-Incrimination”
    Commentators: Luis Chiesa and Guyora Binder

 Amanda Hughett, Book Proposal (on how prison reform in NC got subverted by well-meaning civil rights lawyers)
    Commentators: Samantha Barbas and Jack Schlegel