The Innovators

Historically, the path to a legal career was pretty straightforward: Go to law school, set up shop, practice law. Small firm, big firm, corporate, government, non-profit – the settings varied, but newly minted lawyers had a pathway firmly in sight.

All those options remain in place, and across the board, bright lawyers are reinventing how legal work is done in those traditional settings. UB School of Law graduates are no exception, working in dynamic ways whether at their own boutique firm or a multinational corporation.

But our alumni are taking the possibilities even further. They are running biotech startups, counseling clients and practitioners on digital marketing and their social media reach, connecting heavy hitters in business. Some of them are rethinking the whole paradigm that connects lawyers and clients.

Check out these 10 UB School of Law alumni who are bringing their innovative spirit to their life’s work – and changing the world along the way.