victor e bull wearing a protective mask.

Hang Out With Us At The Bulls Lodge

The UB School of Law's Bulls Lodge is an online gathering place where students, faculty and staff can get together for casual conversation and an opportunity to get to know one another.  Sessions are led by a faculty member, student leader or member of the law school's administration and focus on a variety of fun and interesting topics. (No case briefings required!)

Past Lodge Sessions

  • Mar. 16 - March Madness Bracket Challenge with Prof. E. Bruce Pitman, Jonathan Safir, and Prof. Nellie Drew.
  • Feb. 26 - The Great Chicken Wing Debate of 2021 with Professors James Milles, Christine Bartholomew, and Patrick Long.
  • Feb 9 - Post Super Bowl Analysis with Professor Nellie Drew, director of UB's Center for the Advancement of Sport, and the law school's Business Officer Matthew Delaney.