National Career Network (NCN) Mentor Program

The National Career Network (NCN) Mentor Program is a career guidance program designed to:

  1. help students explore career options and regions before making a decision; and
  2. help law students and recent graduates make the transition from law school to the legal community.

Alumni volunteers all over the country have agreed to talk with students on a one-to-one basis through personal meetings or by telephone and by email.

Topics for these career advice meetings are open. They might include:

  • information on the geographic area and practice types (opportunities, advantages and disadvantages);
  • working in a particular type of employment setting (private firm (all sizes), corporation, government, public interest firm and courts);
  • approaches to the particular job market; feedback on resumes, cover letters or interview skills.

This is your chance to:

  1. explore law practice options and settings;
  2. obtain insight on the realities of practice, practice settings and geographic locations (important information before you make your permanent job commitments);
  3. get some pseudo-interview experience and advice before Fall recruiting;
  4. begin to "network" in the legal community.

The NCN Program is not designed to be a placement or employment service but can be a helpful part of a job search.

To Participate
We encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity and lay the foundation for an informative career choice and employment search. See Marc Davies for assistance.