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Post-Admissions Timeline

Learn about what steps you need to take after you’ve been admitted.

This is your to-do list, making sure that your transition to law school is smooth and easy. Click the links below to read more about what needs to be done.

Your To Do List:



April 4-8

April 15

May 10

May 16

June 1

June – July

July 15

Aug. 1

  1. Check hardware standards
  2. Activate your UBITName
  3. Set up Duo two-step verification
  4. Configure for Wi-Fi and ResNet
  5. Get UBmail on your devices
  6. Explore software and apps

VIsit UBIT's Student Technology Guide to learn more about UB's  services and find tips to make our technology work for you!

Visit the Law-IT & AV Services website if you have additional questions.

Aug. 1

Aug. 8

Aug. 22

Aug. 23-30

Aug. 31