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Community Engagement Legal Clinic

The Community Engagement Legal Clinic was created in response to new, urgent and everchanging legal needs arising from the disruptions due to COVID-19.

Teaming up with local and statewide legal services providers in New York to provide much needed “pop-up” clinic work, the Community Engagement Legal Clinic has been at the forefront of assisting and serving to meet the access-to-justice needs of our community, helping people and families facing unexpected legal matters because of the coronavirus. While courts  were initially closed and lawyers continue to work from home as they have since March, the justice system re-opened (in modified ways) and people who can’t afford it  urgently need good lawyers.

Rising 2Ls and 3Ls can apply to join this clinic in the fall. Come make a difference for those in need, while developing your expertise in needed practice areas!

Contact Us

Kim Diana Connolly, Co-Director
Vanessa A. Glushefski, Co-Director

University at Buffalo,
School of Law
507 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100

#UBLawResponds student attorneys in this clinic  help provide legal assistance in multiple legal areas to lessen the burden on existing legal services providers. These student attorneys continue to study substantive areas of law, and trauma-informed lawyering, as well as other skills. They are on the front lines to provide “helpful help” in various urgent areas (exact practice focus areas are being determined in consultation with the local legal community).  

During the fall semester, student attorneys:

  • Had 1 supreme court appearance;
  • Accepted 3 unemployment hearing referrals;
  • Reviewed the files of over 40 medically vulnerable prisoners to ensure they weren’t improperly excluded from participating in the federal government’s home confinement program;
  • Produced 1 model rental inspection ordinance for municipalities seeking to address housing issues;
  • Produced 6 COVID related blogs and 4 COVID related podcasts; and
  • Procured 2 translators in 2 different languages to facilitate client communication.