Puerto Rico Recovery Assistance Legal Clinic.

Puerto Rico Recovery Assistance Legal Clinic

Our Mission: Because recovery goes beyond disaster relief, #UBLawResponds provides practical legal research and thoughtful pro bono service, through an ongoing collaborative effort to empower a resilient Puerto Rico.

Nuestra Misión: El camino a la restauración va más allá de responder a los efectos de un desastre natural. La misión de la clínica legal de la Universidad del Estado de Nueva York es contribuir al proceso de empoderamiento de Puerto Rico proveyendo servicios de investigación legal gratuitos con aplicaciones prácticas en colaboración con la comunidad puertorriqueña y sus aliados. #UBLawResponds

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Kim Diana Connolly, Director
Luis E. Chiesa, Academic Consultant
University at Buffalo, School of Law
507 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100
716-645-2167, law-clinic@buffalo.edu

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Puerto Rico’s people are still experiencing the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and the 2019 earthquakes, and now Hurricane Fiona. Again, many are living without essentials in Puerto Rico (and some have never recovered from Hurricane Maria). In January, 2023, the sixth group of #UBLawRespond's Puerto Rico Recovery Assistance Legal Clinic student attorneys will enroll in a four credit class that culminates in a service-learning trip to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Clinic Student Attorneys have dedicated hundreds of hours since 2017 to provide service that service. #UBLawResponds students enroll in a class that starts in December, to get them ready to travel to the islands to continue the University at Buffalo School of Law’s work to help Puerto Rico thrive. In the beginning of January, these Student Attorneys study to prepare for the trip south, they learn from local experts and Puerto Rican lawyers and leaders. After their service-learning trip to Puerto Rico, each student produces a study to reflect and provide policy recommendations to help continue the work for those in need on the islands.