Puerto Rico Recovery Assistance Legal Clinic.

Puerto Rico Recovery Assistance Legal Clinic

Our Mission: Because recovery goes beyond disaster relief, #UBLawResponds provides practical legal research and thoughtful pro bono service, through an ongoing collaborative effort to empower a resilient Puerto Rico.

Nuestra Misión: El camino a la restauración va más allá de responder a los efectos de un desastre natural. La misión de la clínica legal de la Universidad del Estado de Nueva York es contribuir al proceso de empoderamiento de Puerto Rico proveyendo servicios de investigación legal gratuitos con aplicaciones prácticas en colaboración con la comunidad puertorriqueña y sus aliados. #UBLawResponds

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Kim Diana Connolly, Director
Luis E. Chiesa, Academic Consultant
University at Buffalo, School of Law
507 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100
716-645-2167, law-clinic@buffalo.edu

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January 2020

Diana Cortes-Evans.

Diana Cortes-Evans is a fourth-year PhD candidate in spanish literature from UB’s Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. Cortes-Evans is interested in Latin-American literature from the twentieth and twenty first century, specifically works related to the cold war era, violence and contemporary martyrdom. She will serve as our PhD student in Spanish Literature/ Language and Culture mediator in informing policy and supporting resilience.

Trejahn Hunter.

Trejahn Hunter ’21 is a second-year law student at the School of Law with a focus in Environmental Law and Social Justice. During his undergraduate studies, he was active in environmental justice and social justice themed clubs, organizations, and public speeches. Hunter has brought his passion for the environment and social justice into law school and is currently participating in the Environmental Law Journal and the Environmental Advocacy Clinic. Hunter is a deep ecologist, conservationist, an avid freshwater angler, hiker, and outdoorsman. It is his belief that the exploitation of the natural world is directly tied to social inequality. Hunter wishes to see dramatic changes made in regard to the manner in which the natural world is protected and managed on a global scale.

Zachary T. Kiel.

Zachary T. Kiel ’21 is a second-year law student at the School of Law. Throughout his youth, he was active in many charitable organizations with a focus on cancer research. Zach continued his involvement with various charitable organizations during his undergraduate years at UB, serving as the head of philanthropy for his fraternity and eventually for all of Greek life. Together, they were able to raise thousands of dollars for cancer research and help those in our community dealing with the terrible disease. Zach has always been an avid hiker and outdoorsperson. He joined the Environmental Advocacy Clinic during the Fall 2019 semester and worked first-hand on environmental justice and public health. The clinic allows him to pursue two of his passions and continue to give back to communities in need. Working towards a greener tomorrow will not protect the environment, but will also promote a healthy population.

Steven Muñoz Hollrah.

Steven Muñoz Hollrah is an attorney licensed in New York and PhD student and graduate instructor in the UB’s Department of Transnational Studies. His area of research is extraterritoriality and legal development in late imperial China. Hollrah taught Legal English, Contract Law, Maritime Law, and Advocacy at Jimei University School of Law in Xiamen, China from 2015-2019 where he received municipal and provincial foreign expert awards for his teaching, while studying Chinese language part-time at Huaqiao University. In 2014 he completed a semester long Spanish-language research project on Chinese merchants in 17th Century Manila with the Spanish government's Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas - Instituto de Historia. He received his J.D. from Brooklyn Law School where he worked as an intern on successful indigent and pro bono criminal defense cases as well as successfully prosecuting misdemeanors as a student prosecutor with the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Before graduating from Binghamton University with a BA in Philosophy Politics Law and Latin American Studies, he studied Spanish language and history with UB's study abroad program in Cuba, and has taught English at a public middle school in Santurce, Puerto Rico. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Chinese, volunteers with Lawyers for Learning and Journey's End Refugee Services, and enjoys playing basketball, motorcycle travel, skiing, photography, and live theatre.

Past Students

January 2019

  • Victor Burdukov ‘20
  • Jonathan Reyes Colón ’19
  • Siedah Gibson-Laurencin ’19
  • Suzanne Starr '19

July 2018

  • Michael Altman '19
  • Jonathan Reyes Colón '19
  • Margaret McKenzie '19

January 2018

  • Jonathan Reyes Colón
  • Elizabeth David ‘19
  • Heather Frank ’18
  • Sarah Gardner’s ’19
  • Siedah Gibson-Laurencin ’19
  • Emma Molodetz ’19
  • Amanda Oppermann ’19
  • Eamon J.P. Riley ’18
  • David Yovanoff ’18