Charles S. Desmond Moot Court Competition

2011-2006 Results


The Buffalo Moot Court Board and competition organizers would like to extend a sincere thank you to all the volunteer judges, law faculty, administration and support staff, for making this annual competition a huge success.

Competition results for:


Overall Winners: Benjamin Nelson and Kathryn Hartnett

Finalists: Joshua Siliano and Nicole Komin

Best Oral Advocates

  1. Andrew DeMasters
  2. Benjamin Nelson
  3. Jesse Pyle

Best Briefs

  1. Joshua Siliano and Nicole Komin
  2. Benjamin Nelson and Kathryn Hartnett
  3. Lynda Koenig and Victoria Hahn


SUNY Buffalo Law School is proud to announce the results of the 2011 Charles S. Desmond Moot Court Competition. Law students Corey R. Forster '13 and Frank H. Ewing '12 were this year's overall winners. The runner-up was Christopher S. Safulko '13. While most students compete in pairs dividing the two key legal issues in the case, Safulko argued both of the legal issues by himself.

Organized by the Law School's Buffalo Moot Court Board, the Desmond competition is one of the most popular courtroom competitions the Law School offers. This year's competition took place October 24-28 at the Law School. The final Desmond round was judged in the Law School's Francis M. Letro Courtroom by Hon. Eugene F. Pigott, Jr. '73, Associate Judge of the New York State Court of Appeals; Hon. Erin M. Peradotto '84, Associate Justice of the New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Fourth Department; and Hon. Jeremiah J. McCarthy, U.S. Magistrate Judge of the Western District of New York.


Overall Winners: Kathleen Ellis and Richard Morrisroe

Finalists: Brendan Cullinane and Jonathan Cantil

Best Oral Advocates

  1. Richard Morrisroe
  2. Kathleen Ellis
  3. Joseph Sroka
  4. Daniel Brennan
  5. Patrick Reinikainen

Best Briefs

  1. Martha Donovan and Cristin Murray
  2. Joseph Sroka and Daniel Engle
  3. Elizabeth Heins and Daniel Punch
  4. William Keating and Stephen Bennett
  5. Sarah Sternick and Melanie Williams


Overall Winners: Scott Iseman and Joshua Agins

Finalists: Christopher Moran and Jeffery Fiut

Best Oral Advocates

  1. Scott Iseman
  2. Joshua Agins
  3. Jennifer Meldrum
  4. Douglas Crisp
  5. Mollie McGorry

Best Briefs

  1. Christopher Moran and Jeffery Fiut
  2. Kevin Grossman and Mary Miner
  3. Mollie McGorry and Douglas Crisp
  4. Scott Iseman and Joshua Agins
  5. Miles Gresham and Aditi Bhardwaj


Overall Winners: Jonathan Lamberti and Vincent Miranda

Finalists: Jenifer Morgan and Rebecca Town

Best Oral Advocates

  1. Thomas Lang
  2. Jonathan Lamberti
  3. Robert Edelstein
  4. Andrew Stimson
  5. Heather Strachan

Best Briefs

  1. Jennifer Morgan and Rebecca Town
  2. Eric Hurd and Peter Gathings
  3. Vincent Miranda and Jonathan Lamberti
  4. Gregory Colavecchia and Neil Pawlowski
  5. Jennifer Thompson and Elisha Rudolph


Overall Winner: Anthony Roger-Reeves and Mark Welchons

Finalists: Taiymoor Naqi and Emina Poricanin

Best Brief

  1. Matthew Kibler and Sydney Probst
  2. Megan Sorokes and Tracy Crawford
  3. Kimberly Sweet and Jesika Gonzalez
  4. Mark Welchons and Anthony Rogers-Reeves
  5. Marnie Smith and Alicia Giglio

Best Oral Advocate

  1. Taiymoor Naqi
  2. Katherine McCrink
  3. Michael Maloney
  4. Ryan Haggerty
  5. Danielle Smith


Overall Winner: Team 29: Marissa Coheley and Jeff Gleason

Finalists: Team 12: Jennifer Howland and James Cole

Best Brief:

  1. Team 12: Jennifer Howland and James Cole
  2. Team 28: Terrance McGuinness and Lori Gradwell
  3. Team 6: Anne Wilson and Chris Ollinick
  4. Team 13: Sarah Sprague and Amanda Kelly

Best Oral Advocate:

  1. David Heraty
  2. Elliott Veloso
  3. David Goldberg
  4. Marissa Coheley
  5. David Turner