2019 Desmond Winners.

Past Competition Results

The Buffalo Moot Court Board and competition organizers would like to extend a sincere thank you to all the volunteer judges, law faculty, administration and support staff, for making this annual competition a huge success.


Overall Winners: Emma G. Powlin ’21 and Tyler J. Gately ’21

Finalists: Tom Heubusch '21 and Lucas Fromen '21

Best Overall Advocates:

  • Tyler J. Gately ’21
  • Tom Heubusch '21

Best Brief:

  • Nichole Austin '21 and Adam Amirault '21
  • Michael Dolce and Briana Krawczyk

George Kannar Award: Tyler J. Gately ’21


Overall Winners: Destiny Johnson and Chloe Nowak

Finalists: Meghan Carrig and Hannah Rauh

Best Overall Advocates

  • Destiny Johnson
  • Hannah Rauh

Best Briefs

  • Julia O’Sullivan and Samantha Rubino
George Kannar Award: Hannah Rauh


Overall Winners: Andrew B. Plewinski and Allyson L. Kehl

Finalists: Anthony DiPerna and William Hython

Best Overall Advocates

  • Anthony DiPerna
  • Laura Godly

Best Briefs

  • Andrew B. Plewinski and Allyson L. Kehl
  •  Anthony DiPerna and William Hython
George Kannar Award: Andrew B. Plewinski


Overall Winners: Gabrielle Walter and Diane Orosz

Finalists: Ari Goldberg and Jason Fleischer

Best Overall Advocates

  • Gabrielle Water
  • Ari Goldberg

Best Briefs

  • Ari Goldberg and Jason Fleischer
  • Erin Goldberg and Lauren Adornetto
George Kannar Award: Ari Goldberg


Overall Winners: Farina Mendelson and Megan McGuiggan

Finalists: Christopher Castro and Matthew Paris

Best Overall Advocates

  • Peter Veech
  • Steven Maffucci
  • Megan McGuiggan

Best Briefs: Patrick Leavy and Steven Maffucci


Overall Winners: Benjamin Nelson and Kathryn Hartnett

Finalists: Joshua Siliano and Nicole Komin

Best Oral Advocates

  • Andrew DeMasters
  • Benjamin Nelson
  • Jesse Pyle

Best Briefs

  • Joshua Siliano and Nicole Komin
  • Benjamin Nelson and Kathryn Hartnett
  • Lynda Koenig and Victoria Hahn


Overall Winners: Henry Zomerfeld and Jessica Noto

Finalists: Jessica Carbone and Jeff Hartman


Overall Winners:  Caitlin Higgins and Kinsey O'Brien

Finalists: Phil Modrzynski and Adam Durst

Best Overall Advocates:

  • Caitlin Higgins
  • Phil Meabon

Best Briefs

  • Caitlin Higgins and Kinsey O'Brien
  • Phil Modrzynski and Adam Durst
  • Kevin Yam and Dana Lee


Overall Winners: Corey R. Forster '13 and Frank H. Ewing '12

Finalist: Christopher S. Safulko '13


Overall Winners: Kathleen Ellis and Richard Morrisroe

Finalists: Brendan Cullinane and Jonathan Cantil

Best Oral Advocates

  • Richard Morrisroe
  • Kathleen Ellis
  • Joseph Sroka
  • Daniel Brennan
  • Patrick Reinikainen

Best Briefs

  • Martha Donovan and Cristin Murray
  • Joseph Sroka and Daniel Engle
  • Elizabeth Heins and Daniel Punch
  • William Keating and Stephen Bennett
  • Sarah Sternick and Melanie Williams


Overall Winners: Scott Iseman and Joshua Agins

Finalists: Christopher Moran and Jeffery Fiut

Best Oral Advocates

  • Scott Iseman
  • Joshua Agins
  • Jennifer Meldrum
  • Douglas Crisp
  • Mollie McGorry

Best Briefs

  • Christopher Moran and Jeffery Fiut
  • Kevin Grossman and Mary Miner
  • Mollie McGorry and Douglas Crisp
  • Scott Iseman and Joshua Agins
  • Miles Gresham and Aditi Bhardwaj


Overall Winners: Jonathan Lamberti and Vincent Miranda

Finalists: Jenifer Morgan and Rebecca Town

Best Oral Advocates

  • Thomas Lang
  • Jonathan Lamberti
  • Robert Edelstein
  • Andrew Stimson
  • Heather Strachan

Best Briefs

  • Jennifer Morgan and Rebecca Town
  • Eric Hurd and Peter Gathings
  • Vincent Miranda and Jonathan Lamberti
  • Gregory Colavecchia and Neil Pawlowski
  • Jennifer Thompson and Elisha Rudolph


Overall Winner: Anthony Roger-Reeves and Mark Welchons

Finalists: Taiymoor Naqi and Emina Poricanin

Best Brief

  • Matthew Kibler and Sydney Probst
  • Megan Sorokes and Tracy Crawford
  • Kimberly Sweet and Jesika Gonzalez
  • Mark Welchons and Anthony Rogers-Reeves
  • Marnie Smith and Alicia Giglio

Best Oral Advocate

  • Taiymoor Naqi
  • Katherine McCrink
  • Michael Maloney
  • Ryan Haggerty
  • Danielle Smith


Overall Winner: Marissa Coheley and Jeff Gleason

Finalists: Jennifer Howland and James Cole

Best Brief:

  • Jennifer Howland and James Cole
  • Terrance McGuinness and Lori Gradwell
  • Anne Wilson and Chris Ollinick
  • Sarah Sprague and Amanda Kelly

Best Oral Advocate:

  • David Heraty
  • Elliott Veloso
  • David Goldberg
  • Marissa Coheley
  • David Turner