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I’ve Been Admitted to Law School—Now What?

Published February 25, 2021

You studied for months, did all the prep work, agonized over the LSAT or GRE and now the anxiety-inducing wait is finally over—you’ve been admitted! As far as steps go, that’s a big first one to complete but it doesn’t mean you’re finished just yet. There’s still plenty of things you need to consider before your law school journey begins and we’ve put together this helpful blog to get you started.

1. Take Advantage of Admitted Student Programs

Virtual Admitted Students Week
Every law school is going to have a plethora of events and resources for recently admitted students. In the case of University at Buffalo School of Law, a great first step is to register for the Virtual Admitted Students Week. You’ll get an agenda filled with exploratory sessions, mentor socials, faculty panels and more.

Admitted Student Mentors
Finding a friendly face can be a plus, especially when it’s someone who knows exactly what you’re going through! Don’t be shy and connect with your Admitted Student Mentor. Watch our ASM Instagram Takeovers for some tips and additional information.

Take a Virtual Tour or Explore the Video Library
Finally, get to know the University at Buffalo School of Law—your new home! These digital resources allow you to get a bird’s-eye-view of the campus, classrooms and lecture halls, and also discover detailed information about specific courses or specializations.

2. Consider Your Financial Options

Finding out you've been admitted is exciting, figuring out how to finance your legal education is not. It’s not just tuition costs that you have to consider—housing, transportation, groceries and books are a few of the major factors included in the cost of attendance (COA). Your admit packet should include a specific financial breakdown, but don’t hesitate to reach out to Financial Aid or Admissions if you have questions.

Important: Plan ahead! It's better to be safe and secure than wondering how you’ll pay for your next textbook or meal.

3. Explore Housing Options

Related to the point above, housing plays a big role in your UB experience. It’s not just the place where you’ll lay your head, but where you’ll study, host classmates or enjoy some downtime. Whether you want to experience on-campus or off-campus residences, there are a variety of housing options for all students.

4. Research Your Next Steps

Are you familiar with our Post-Admissions Timeline? Bookmark it for all the essential dates related to your UB School of Law acceptance. What’s the deadline to accept your seat in the incoming class? When is your final transcript due? How do you submit required immunizations? How and when do you get your UB card? Get the answers to all these questions and more.  

5. Schedule an Appointment

Still have a burning question that needs answering? Book an appointment with Admissions! The Admissions office is always happy to meet with prospective and admitted students to answer questions and get you the info you need to be the best law student you can be.

Getting admitted to law school is no small feat, but it’s just the start of a long list of future achievements. Make sure to do your homework and follow these tips and resources so you’ll be fully prepared come orientation!

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Guest blogger Lindsay Gladney is the Vice Dean for Admissions at UB School of Law. 


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