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From the Classroom to Career: UB School of Law’s Career Services

Published February 17, 2021

Photo of Lindsay Gladney.

Lindsay Gladney is the Vice Dean for Admissions at the University at Buffalo School of Law.

The University at Buffalo School of Law’s Career Services Office (CSO) exists to help all students pursue and obtain rewarding professional careers. Whether it’s for the summer, during the academic year or for post-graduation positions, the CSO offers a whole host of informative programs to let students get a head start on their career aspirations.

Programs to Help Students Plan Their Futures

There’s an old adage that goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” but the CSO at UB School of Law believes in expanding both sides of that statement. Through its various programs and panels to the counseling services and career fairs, the CSO provides students with as many resources as necessary to bolster their scope of opportunities and the skills to get them there, as well as the connections and networking to help them along the way. And it’s not just for current students! The CSO offers resources and assistance for prospective students, alumni and employers as well.

Below are some of the resources offered by the CSO.

Student Interview Programs

The CSO offers both on- and off-campus interview programs in partnership with local employers. These employers review student-submitted resumes, consider whom they wish to interview and then contact the CSO to inform the candidates of their selection. The CSO advises students to begin investigating potential employers early on, to help build a database of options as well as networking contacts.

Individual Career Counseling

Not everyone has their career plan set in stone from the moment they start law school and that’s totally fine! The CSO staff are always available and encourage students to set up meetings so they can assist with reviewing resumes and cover letters, discuss and coach interviewing techniques and develop personalized career strategies suited to the student’s own situation.

Career Panels and Programs

For students wondering about certain law-related career paths, the Career Panels and Programs provided by the CSO give students an opportunity to discover more about certain career paths that might interest them. Each year the CSO invites attorneys from all areas of law to speak about the various careers available to students, as well as tips for entering the professional field, followed by an informative Q&A session. Some of the subjects they touch on include:

  • Corporate counsel
  • Callback interview secrets
  • Public interest law
  • Resume and letter writing
  • Networking
  • Solo practice
  • Judicial clerkships
  • And more!

Mentor Program

Learning the ins and outs of professional law life is sometimes best served by learning directly from the source. The CSO and Law Alumni Association manage a mentoring program where experienced attorneys from Western New York who have been practicing a minimum of three years are paired with first-year or LL.M. students. These paired commitments benefit students greatly, where mentors generously offer guidance and expertise to the next generation of lawyers.

Online Job Postings through LOCK

The CSO offers an entire website of digital opportunities and connections through LOCK—the Legal Opportunities and Career Knowledge website. Students will receive their ID and password for LOCK in their first semester of law school, allowing them to start planning as early as possible for the next stage in their professional career.

Downloadable Resources

The CSO to GO site offers busy students a repository to download electronic documents like resume samples, guides for networking and interviewing, podcast episodes and answers to other common law career questions.

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Opportunities through Annual Career Fairs

The CSO and School of Law host two annual career fairs that provide students with the best possible access to Western New York’s law community as well as bountiful career opportunities.

The CSO’s annual Career Fair takes place every February and brings together employers and students to discuss career ambitions, job requirements and next steps for their professional aspirations.

“Every year, the Career Fair hosts dozens of employers in government, legal services, corporations and law firms of all sizes. It is a premier source of summer internships for first- and second-year students as well as a fertile ground for entry-level attorney positions for our graduating class.” – Lisa Patterson, Vice Dean for Career Services

The CSO also hosts a New York State Public Defenders Career Fair every year in October. This specialized career fair was birthed from a 2017 New York State reform intended to improve the right to counsel for people charged with a criminal offense who cannot afford an attorney. Students looking to pursue careers in public defense will find plenty of resources and information at this annual event.  Public Defender Offices from all over the state of New York recruit through this fair for internships and attorney jobs. The fair also features informational panels and prominent speakers in the field of indigent legal defense.

The University at Buffalo School of Law’s Career Services office is an invaluable place for students to start thinking about their next step after graduation and to get the resources for making their way on the path. For more information, visit the Career Services page.

Photo of Lindsay Gladney, Vice Dean for Admissions.

Lindsay Gladney is the Vice Dean for Admissions at the University at Buffalo School of Law.


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