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Teaching the Leaders of Tomorrow: Welcome UB School of Law’s Most Recent Faculty

Published March 14, 2024

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Benjamin Rogers is the Assistant Director of Admissions at the University at Buffalo School of Law.

The University at Buffalo School of Law has exciting news to share this academic year. We’re buzzing with new energy and perspectives that are bound to ignite your legal ambitions. Let us introduce you to the nine brilliant minds that have joined our esteemed faculty and hear directly from them about their teaching experience at UB School of Law thus far.

Welcome UB School of Law's most recent faculty

Dr. Joshua Coene - A Multidisciplinary Approach

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Imagine a professor whose academic journey is a mosaic of anthropology, history and political science, leading to both a doctoral degree as well as a JD. Dr. Joshua Coene’s commitment to community and policy-relevant legal work, including experience at the Western New York Immigration Assistance Center, is the cornerstone of his teaching. He’s particularly excited about the Law, Politics and Mass Incarceration seminar he will teach, which will draw in part on research he conducted as a PhD student.

“There are no easy answers with a lot of the dilemmas we’ve created in the prison system. I want students to understand the complexity of how this formed—everything from history, to race relations, the evolution of institutions, as well as changes that happened in the broader society in the late 20th century. The question is, how do everyday aspects of the society you live in become fundamental to how prisons are organized? I hope to really focus on skill building, such as writing and critical thinking, in relation to these kinds of topics.”

Dr. Theophilus Edwin Coleman: A Scholar in International Law

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Dr. Coleman, a visiting assistant professor, is a scholar from the University of Johannesburg. There, he served as a Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for International and Comparative Labour and Social Security Law which addresses inequality and social justice issues. His international experience also includes advanced legal training from the prestigious Hague Academy of International Law in the Netherlands. Coupled with his early background as a television reporter, anchor and program host in the African nation of Ghana, Dr. Coleman knows how to command the classroom with a global point of view.

“I am teaching Employment Law and Conflict of Laws this semester. I am excited and look forward to engaging with the students on both doctrinal and practical dimensions of employment law and conflict of laws.”

man wearing glasses, smiling.

Benjamin Rogers is the Assistant Director of Admissions at the University at Buffalo School of Law.


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David Coombs – Bringing Military Justice to the Classroom

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A retired lieutenant colonel with more than two decades of experience in the Army JAG Corps, Prof. Coombs has handled high-profile cases including one involving Wikileaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning. This expert in evidence and military justice carries with him 12 years of teaching experience at Roger Williams University School of Law and is dedicated to demystifying complex rules and guiding students toward impactful careers. If you’re looking to explore the evolving landscape of military justice administration, UB School of Law has a seasoned professional at the helm.

“Last semester's return to the classroom was a gratifying experience for me. Interacting with the bright minds and passionate curiosity of law students constantly affirms the transformative potential inherent in legal education. This semester, in addition to criminal procedure, I am particularly excited to be teaching a military justice course in both the undergraduate law program and at the law school. Military legal issues hold immense personal significance for me, and I am privileged to share my twenty-three years of knowledge and experience as a judge advocate in the Army with students interested in exploring this area of the law.” 

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Orlando Dickson: From Homelessness to Legal Advocacy

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This faculty member in UB School of Law's BA program has experienced homelessness as a child and served nine years in the Army, including combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Teaching Legal Reasoning and Introduction to Criminal Law, his inspiring life journey helps him uniquely guide undergraduates as they find their paths. A leader in the Western New York Community, his passion for addressing Buffalo's challenges and his commitment to community advocacy make him a standout addition to the School of Law faculty.

“I honestly believe this was my calling. Like I was born to teach. That light bulb moment when a student finally gets it, and you realize you’ve just imparted knowledge, there is nothing like it.” 

Emily Dinsmore – LAWR’s Prodigal Professor

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What better way to learn legal writing and research than from the former editor in chief of the Buffalo Law Review? That's Prof. Dinsmore, a summa cum laude graduate and a familiar face returning to the law school. A UB School of Law graduate, Dinsmore brings diverse teaching experience and a unique perspective to the LAWR program. Her emphasis on adaptability and understanding individual learning styles makes her an invaluable asset to the collaborative environment of the LAWR program.

"Working with the LAWR faculty and getting to know the students I am teaching this spring has been such a rewarding experience. I'm looking forward to building on those relationships as we move through the spring LAWR course with its focus on persuasive writing and oral advocacy."

John Harland Giammatteo: Anthropology, Journalism and Law Unite

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Those three areas of expertise provide a multifaceted lens for Prof. Giammatteo, whose teaching is also influenced by his prior work with Burmese refugees and detained immigrants needing legal representation. Prof. Giammatteo recognizes that law school prepares you to learn how to change the law as well as represent the people who need it. In his Administrative Law and Civil Procedure courses, he teaches students the rules of procedure and how to make sure that procedure doesn’t impede individual rights.

“This coming semester, I’m teaching administrative law, just as the Supreme Court is busy overturning or modifying central pillars of the field. That will pose a challenge, but I’m looking forward to working with the students to imagine where we might be headed and thinking creatively about what should come next.”

Dr. Clayton Masterman – Where Law and Economics Converge

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Dr. Masterman's journey from studying economics and mathematics at Vassar College to a joint JD and PhD program at Vanderbilt sets the stage for an intellectually stimulating experience in the classroom. Teaching Torts at UB School of Law, he integrates Law and Economics into the curriculum, and offers practical insights from his federal Court of Appeals clerkships. His scholarly work extends to health care issues and the policies and laws surrounding COVID-19, providing students with a front-row seat to a view on how law intersects with society.

“My first semester of teaching tort law at the University of Buffalo School of Law was a rewarding and enriching experience. Our students are sharp, prepared, and deeply interested in the law and the role it plays in society. It was a pleasure helping them take the first steps in their legal careers."

Carina H. Schoenberger – Legal Writing Luminary

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Meet one of the newest additions to UB School of Law's Legal Analysis, Writing, and Research (LAWR) program. With a background as an Assistant United States Attorney and 12 years of experience in both the Southern and Northern Districts of New York, Prof. Schoenberger brings broad experience, having handled cases involving everything from health care fraud to immigration and drug crimes. Passionate about guiding students and emphasizing the applicability of skills across contexts, Professor Schoenberger is the School of Law’s go-to guru for mastering the art of legal communication.

“It was really exciting to see the students in my class progress from reading their first-ever case to producing well-developed legal analyses over the course of the fall semester. I am enjoying watching them build on their skills this spring.”

Dr. Mihreteab Tsighe Taye: A Beacon for Human Rights

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From Ethiopia to UB School of Law through the Scholars at Risk program, Dr. Taye offers a deep focus on human rights and global justice. With a PhD from the Center of Excellence for International Courts at Copenhagen University, his expertise includes international commercial law, criminal law, and research on African regional courts. Despite risking persecution in Ethiopia for his human rights advocacy, Dr. Taye remains hopeful for humanity’s eventual triumph, making him a beacon of inspiration for all UB School of Law students.

“I enjoy engaging in discussions and meaningful interactions with my students in both International Commercial Arbitration and Comparative Human Rights courses. It's always inspiring to see students inquire about complex topics, challenge assumptions, and develop a deeper understanding of the global issues we’re exploring together this semester.”

UB School of Law faculty grows stronger together

Whether you are currently experiencing your journey at the University at Buffalo School of Law, or you wish to in the future, rest assured you’re in the hands of ever-evolving, dynamic faculty who are dedicated to your success. UB School of Law continues to be a hub of innovation, diversity and excellence, providing you with the tools and knowledge to thrive in the field of law and contribute to our world.

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