Rebecca R. French



Research Focus: Anthropology of Law, Buddhism and Law, Comparative Law, Law and Religion, Property Law
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Contact Information

529 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100

Faculty Assistant: Suzanne Caruso

Biography Publications


BUDDHISM AND LAW: AN INTRODUCTION (with Mark Nathan, editors) (Cambridge University Press, 2014)

THE GOLDEN YOKE: THE LEGAL COSMOLOGY OF BUDDHIST TIBET, 2nd ed. (Rebecca Redwood French, ed.) (Snow Lion Publications:   2002)

THE GOLDEN YOKE: THE LEGAL COSMOLOGY OF BUDDHIST TIBET (Rebecca Redwood French, ed.) (Cornell University Press:   1995)

Journal Articles

The Role of Pilgrimages, Travelogues and Scholarly Reports in Buddhist Law, 5 BUDDHISM,LAW AND SOCIETY vii, vii-xvi (2020)

The Anthropology of Religion and Law, 45(3) RELIGIOUS STUDIES REVIEW 153, 153-61 (2019)

The Integrated Discipline of Buddhism and Law, 4 Buddhism, LAW AND SOCIETY VII, vii-xiv (2019)

Is Buddhist Law “Sophisticated”? (Introduction), 2 Buddhism, LAW AND SOCIETY VII, vii-xvii (2018)

What is Buddhist Law?, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW vol. 63: 833- 872 (2015)

Buddhism and Natural Law (Symposium on Natural Law), JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE LAW (2013-2014)

Book Chapters

Is There Such a Thing as a Buddhist Legal Tradition?, in GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS AND THE LAW (Kristen DeRemer, ed., forthcoming)

The Sakyadhita Movement: Buddhist Law, Feminism and Nuns in Feminism, Law, and Religion (M. Failinger, E. Schiltz and S. Stabile, editors) (Ashgate Press 2013)

Wisconsin v. Yoder: An Anthropologist Shapes a Supreme Court Decision, LAW AND RELIGION: CASES AND CONTEXT (Aspen:   2010)