Rebecca R. French


Research Focus: Anthropology of Law, Comparative Law, Law and Religion, Property Law and Social Science, Intellectual Property

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Contact Information

529 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100
Phone: 716-645-2159

Faculty Assistant: Suzanne Caruso



BUDDHISM AND LAW: AN INTRODUCTION (with Mark Nathan, editors) (Cambridge University Press, 2014)

THE GOLDEN YOKE: THE LEGAL COSMOLOGY OF BUDDHIST TIBET, 2nd ed. (Rebecca Redwood French, ed.) (Snow Lion Publications:   2002)
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THE GOLDEN YOKE: THE LEGAL COSMOLOGY OF BUDDHIST TIBET (Rebecca Redwood French, ed.) (Cornell University Press:   1995)
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Journal Articles

What is Buddhist Law BUFFALO LAW REVIEW vol. 63: 833- 872 (2015)

Buddhism and Natural Law (Symposium on Natural Law) JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE LAW (2013-2014)

An Introduction to the Conference with the Dalai Lama on Law, Buddhism, and Social Change, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW vol. 55: 639 (2007)
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The Dalai Lama Speaks on Law, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW vol. 55: 647 (2007)
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The Case of the Missing Discipline: Finding Buddhist Legal Studies, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW vol. 52(3) : 679-699 (2004)
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Shopping for Religion: The Change in Everyday Religion and Its Importance to the Law, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW vol. 51: 127-199 (2003)
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A Conversation with Tibetans? Reconsidering the Relationship Between Religious Beliefs and Secular Legal Discourse, LAW & SOCIAL INQUIRY vol. 26: 95-112 (2001)
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Time in the Law, UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO LAW REVIEW vol. 72: 663-748 (2001)
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From Yoder to Yoda: Traditional, Modern and Postmodern Models of Religion in U.S. Constitutional Law, ARIZONA LAW REVIEW vol. 41: 49-92 (1999)
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Lamas, Oracles, Channels, and the Law: Reconsidering Religion and Social Theory, YALE JOURNAL OF LAW & THE HUMANITIES vol. 10: 505-536 (1999)
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Of Narrative in Law and Anthropology (review essay), LAW & SOCIETY REVIEW vol. 30(2): 417 (1996)
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The Cosmology of Law in Buddhist Tibet, JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BUDDHIST STUDIES vol. 18: 97 (1995)

Leopold J. Pospisil and the Anthropology of Law, POLITICAL AND LEGAL ANTHROPOLOGY REVIEW vol. 16(2): 1-8 (1993)
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Book Chapters

The Sakyadhita Movement: Buddhist Law, Feminism and Nuns in Feminism, Law, and Religion (M. Failinger, E. Schiltz and S. Stabile, editors) (Ashgate Press 2013)
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Wisconsin v. Yoder: An Anthropologist Shapes a Supreme Court Decision, LAW AND RELIGION: CASES AND CONTEXT (Aspen:   2010)
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Ethnography in Ordinary Case Law, LAW AND ANTHROPOLOGY (2009) p. 126
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Interdependence and Victim Compensation: Views from Buddhist Tibet and Post - 9/11 Unites States, FAITH AND LAW: HOW RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS FROM CALVINISM TO ISLAM VIEW AMERICAN LAW (R.F. Cochran, editor, ed.) (New York University Press:   2008) p. 254
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Law and Religion: Law and Religion in Buddhism, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RELIGION, 2nd ed. (Lindsay Jones, ed.) (Macmillan Publishing:   2005) vol. 7
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Law and Buddhism, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BUDDHISM (Robert Buswell, Jr., ed.) (Macmillan Publishing:   2004)
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Tibetan Law, Legal Systems of the World: A Political, SOCIAL AND HISTORICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA (Robert M. Kritzer, ed.) (ABC-CLIO:   2002)
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Buddhist Secular Law: Doctrines in Context, THE LIFE OF BUDDHISM (F.E. Reynolds & J.A. Carbine, eds.) (University of California Press:   2000)
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