Susan V. Mangold


Professor Emerita

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Children and the Law in a Nutshell (with Douglas E. Abrams & Sarah H. Ramsey) (West Academic Publishing, 7th ed., 2021)

Children and the Law: Doctrine, Policy, and Practice (with Douglas E. Abrams & Sarah H. Ramsey) (West Academic, 7th ed., 2020)

Journal Articles

Flexibility Matters: The Impact of Title IV-E Waivers and Local Levies on Outcomes for Children in Foster Care, (with C. Cerulli and C. W. Allen) (2014)

Intimate Partner Violence: The Ripple Effect of Education, Research and Advocacy (with Suzanne Tomkins) BUFFALO JOURNAL OF GENDER LAW AND POLICY vol. 22: (2013-14)

Using Community Based Partnership Research to Study the Relationship between Sources and Types of Funding and Mental Health Outcomes for Children Served by the Child Welfare System in Ohio, (with C. Cerulli, G. Kapcar, C. W. Allen, H. He, and K. Kaukeinen) JOURNAL OF LAW AND POLICY vol. 21: 113 (2012)

Follow the Money: Federal, State, and Local Funding Strategies for Child Welfare Services and the Impact of Local Levies on Adoptions in Ohio (with C. Cerulli), CAPITAL UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW vol. 38:  349 (2009)

Poor Enough to Be Eligible - Child Abuse, Neglect, and the Poverty Requirement, ST. JOHN'S LAW REVIEW vol. 81:  575 (2007)

Reforming Child Protection in Response to the Catholic Church Child Sexual Abuse Scandal, UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA JOURNAL OF LAW AND PUBLIC POLICY vol. 14:  155 (2003)

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Extending Non-Exclusive Parenting and the Right to Protection for Older Foster Children: Creating Third Options in Permanency Planning, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW vol. 48:  835  (2000)

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Special issue: Focus on the Child in International Law: The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, LAW & POLICY (with M. Levine, ed.) vol. 17(4):  341 (1995)

Book Chapters

Child Welfare Law in OXFORD BIBLIOGRAPHIES IN CHILDHOOD STUDIES (Heather Montgomery, ed.) (Oxford University Press:  2013)

Abuse and Neglect: Historical and Cultural Perspectives, THE CHILD: AN ENCYCLOPEDIC COMPANION (University of Chicago Press:   2009)

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