R. Nils Olsen


Professor Emeritus

Research Focus: Civil Procedure, Civil Rights, Community Development, Environmental Law, Post-Conviction Remedies

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Journal Articles

A Call for Civically Engaged Educational Policy-Related Scholarship (with Robert Granfield, Yoshiko Nozaki and Lois Weiss) COMPARATIVE AND GLOBAL STUDIES IN EDUCATION vol. 26 (5) (September 2012)

The Dean: Tribute. A Gathering to Remember Jacob D. Hyman, Dean and Professor, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW (2009) vol. 57

A Call for Civically Engaged Educational Policy Related Scholarship, EDUCATIONAL POLICY (2007) vol. 21

The Concentration of Commercial Hazardous Waste Facilities in the Western New York Community, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW (1991) vol. 39

Judicial Proposals to Limit the Scope of Federal Post-Conviction Habeas Corpus Consideration of the Claims of State Prisoners, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW (1982) vol. 31