Stephen Paskey


Director of the LAWR Program; Lecturer in Law, Legal Analysis, Writing and Research

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Contact Information

621 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100

Faculty Assistant: Cheryl Jones

Biography Publications

Journal Articles

Reframing Law’s Domain: Narrative, Rhetoric, and the Forms of Legal Rules, 29 NARRATIVE 178, 178-191 (2021)

On Justice: An Origin Story, 68 BUFFALO LAW REVIEW 1515,1515-1518 (2020)

Telling Refugee Stories: Trauma, Credibility, and the Adversarial Adjudication of Claims for Asylum, SANTA CLARA LAW REVIEW vol. 56 P.457 (2016)

Conveying Titles Clearly: Thoughts on the Fifth Edition of the ALWD GUIDE TO LEGAL CITATION, JOURNAL OF APPELLATE PRACTICE AND PROCESS vol. 15 p. 273 (2014)

The Law is Made of Stories: Erasing the False Dichotomy Between Stories and Legal Rules, LEGAL COMM. & RHETORIC: JALWD vol. 11 p. 51 (2014)

Domestic Violence & Partner Notification: Implications for Treatment and Counseling of Women with HIV, JOURNAL OF AMERICAN WOMENS' MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (with Karen H. Rothenberg, Melissa M. Reuland, Sheryl Itkin Zimmerman, and Richard L. North) vol. 50 p. 87 (1995)

The Risk of Domestic Violence and Women with HIV Infection: Implications for Partner Notification, Public Policy, and the Law, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH (with Karen H. Rothenberg) vol. 85 p. 1569 (1995)