Luis E. Chiesa

Professor; Director of the Criminal Law LL.M.; Director of the Buffalo Criminal Law Center

Research Focus: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Jurisprudence, Torts, Animal Cruelty Laws

Links: Curriculum Vitae, SSRNBuffalo Criminal Law Center


Contact Information

715 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100
Phone: 716-645-3152

Faculty Assistant: Cheryl Jones

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DERECHO PENAL SUSTANTIVO (JTS Publishers, 2nd edition: 2013) (in Spanish)
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Journal Articles

The Evil Waiter Case, UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI LAW REVIEW (forthcoming 2014)

Reassessing Professor Dressler’s Plea for Complicity Reform: Lessons from Civil Law Jurisdictions, NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL AND CIVIL CONFINEMENT (forthcoming 2014) (invited submission)

Actmissions, WEST VIRGINIA LAW REVIEW vol. 116 (2013)
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Beyond War: Targeted Killings in Law and Morality (with Alexander K.A. Greenawalt) WASHINGTON & LEE LAW REVIEW vol. 69: 1371-1470 (2012)
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Derecho Penal Sustantivo: Término 2010-2011, UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO LAW REVIEW vol. 81: 342-372 (2012)  (in Spanish)
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Consent is Not a Defense to Battery: A Reply to Professor Bergelson, OHIO STATE JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW vol. 9: 195-208 (2011)
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Punishing Without Free Will, UTAH LAW REVIEW vol. 4: 1403-1460 (2011)
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When an Offense is Not an Offense: Rethinking the Supreme Court's Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Jurisprudence, CREIGHTON LAW REVIEW vol. 44: 647-703 (2011)
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Autores y Cooperadores, UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO LAW REVIEW vol. 79: 1163-1188 (2010) (in Spanish)
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Book Chapters

General Defenses to Criminal Liability in the United States, in CRIMINAL DEFENSES (Michael Bohlander & Alan Reed, eds.) (Ashgate, forthcoming 2014)

La Investigación Policial en un Mundo Post-Intimidad (title in English – Police Investigations in a Post-Privacy World (Universidad San Carlos de Guatemala) (forthcoming 2014)

Comparative Criminal Law in OXFORD HANDBOOK OF CRIMINAL LAW (Markus Dubber and Tatjana Hornle, editors) (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2014)

ADN y Proceso Penal in LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS: CINCO PROBLEMAS (Juan Luis Gómez-Colomer, editor) (Tirant Lo Blanch Publishers, forthcoming 2013)  (In Spanish)

Criminal Participation in the United States in PARTICIPATION IN CRIME: DOMESTIC AND COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVES (Michael Bohlander & Alan Reed, editors) (Ashgate, 2013) (469-487)
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La Mignonette in CASOS QUE HICIERON DOCTRINA EN DERECHO PENAL (Pablo Sanchez Ostiz, editor) (La Ley Publishers, 2011) (95-109) (In Spanish)

Self-Defense and the Psychotic Aggressor (with George P. Fletcher) in CRIMINAL LAW CONVERSATIONS (Paul Robinson, Kim Ferzan and Stephen Garvey, editors) (Oxford University Press, 2010) (365-383)
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Spanish Criminal Law (with Carlos Gómez Jara-Díez) in THE HANDBOOK OF COMPARATIVE CRIMINAL LAW (Kevin Jon Heller, editor) (Stanford University Press, 2010) (488-530)
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