Paul Linden-Retek

photo of Paul Linden-Retek.

Associate Professor of Law

Research Focus:  Comparative Constitutional Law, International Law, International Human Rights, European Union Law, Constitutional Theory, Law and Literature, Refugee and Asylum Law, Transformations of Sovereignty
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Contact Information

420 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100

Faculty Assistant: Deborah L. Nasisi

Biography Publications

Journal Articles

The Refugees We Are: Solidarity, Asylum, and Critique in the European Constitutional Imagination 22(4) GERMAN LAW JOURNAL 506-533 (2021)

History, System, Principle, Analogy: Four Paradigms of Legitimacy in European Law 26(3) COLUMBIA JOURNAL OF EUROPEAN LAW 1-52 (2021)

Our Fleeting Moments: Legal Thought in a Confessional Key LAW, CULTURE, AND THE HUMANITIES (2020)

The Subjects of Spatial Statism: Reclaiming Politics and Law in International Entanglement 18(1) INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW 36-44 (2020)

Cosmopolitan Law and Time: Toward a Theory of Constitutionalism and Solidarity in Transition 4(2) GLOBAL CONSTITUTIONALISM 157-194 (2015)

The Spirit and Task of Democratic Cosmopolitanism: European Political Identity at the Limits of Transnational Law 8(8) CROATIAN YEARBOOK OF EUROPEAN LAW AND POLICY 175-226 (2012)

Supervised Independence and Post-Conflict Sovereignty: The Dynamics of Hybridity in Kosovos New Constitutional Court (with Steven Hill) 36 YALE JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW ONLINE 26-43 (2010)


Constitutional Patriotism as Europe’s Public Philosophy? On Solidarity and Responsiveness in Post-national Law, EU CONSTITUTIONAL IMAGINATION: BETWEEN IDEOLOGY AND UTOPIA, (J. Komárek, ed.) (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming)

Judith Shklars Critique of Legalism (with Seyla Benhabib), THE CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO THE RULE OF LAW (J. Meierhenrich and M. Loughlin, eds.) (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press 2021)