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Our law faculty are frequently contacted by local and national media outlets to comment on issues of global importance.

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Below are recent samples of our faculty in the news.

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January – February 2021


02/02/2021 - The New York Times quoted Professor Guyora Binder in an article on whether rioters should be held accountable for the deaths that occurred during the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol.

01/02/2021 - Binder was quoted in the New York Times regarding the question of who qualifies as a murder accomplice in the context of the deaths that occurred at the Capitol riot in January, and whether rioters can be charged with murder.


01/28/2021 - The New York Times quoted teaching faculty Nellie Drew in an article reporting that the NFL’s Houston Texans are prepared to hire David Culley as head coach, making him the team’s first full-time head coach of color.


01/13/2021 - Professor James Gardner was quoted in The Washington Times in a story about issues surrounding proxy voting during the House's impeachment vote.

01/12/2021 - Gardner was quoted by USA TodayYahoo! News and MSN in articles about the applicability of invoking the 25th amendment to remove President Trump from office.

01/05/2021 - Newsweek quoted Gardner in an article examining whether then-Vice President Richard Nixon rejected Hawaii’s election results in 1960.

01/05/2021 - Gardner was quoted by the New York Times in an article about law and social norms in a democracy.

01/05/2021 - Gardner was quoted by ABC News in an article about whether Vice President Mike Pence has any authority to change the election results during the Congressional electoral vote count.

01/04/2021 - An article in Forbes cited Gardner in a report on outgoing President Trump’s repeated attempts to pressure Georgia officials to overturn state election results.

November – December 2020


12/16/2020 -, a Lexis Nexis company, quoted Professor Kim Diana Connolly in an article on the Trump administration’s efforts to narrow the Clean Water Act’s regulatory reach.


11/23/2020 – The Hockey News quoted teaching faculty Nellie Drew on collective bargaining and labor law in the NHL.

11/09/2020 - The New York Times quoted Drew in an article about discipline in the NFL and the league's tolerance for players who act poorly off the field.


12/19/2020 - In an MSN article about the Georgia Republican Party's attempt to prevent newly registered voters from participating in their Senate runoff elections, Professor James Gardner commented on the Republicans’ interpretation of the law. The article also appeared on Law and Crime.

12/13/2020 - ABC News quoted Gardner in a report on what to expect when the Electoral College meets to cast votes for president and vice president. The story was also carried by MSNABC News Radio, and others.

11/19/2020 - The Washington Post quoted Gardner in an article on President Trump's post-election reaction and activity. The article was republished in The Hour.

11/12/2020 – Gardner was interviewed by the Huffington Post (Italy) about the U.S. presidential election results, President Trump’s lawsuits refuting the election results, and the Republican party’s slide into authoritarianism.

11/04/2020 - Marketwatch quoted Gardner in a story on the court battles that could be waged by the Biden and Trump campaigns before an election winner is officially declared.

11/04/2020 - CBC News (Canada) quoted Gardner in an article on how long the legal challenges to the election might go on.

11/04/2020 - Voice of America quoted Gardner in a story on lawsuits the Trump campaign filed in three battleground states (Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania).

11/02/2020 - Law360 quoted Gardner in a story about potential litigation over mail-in ballots in battleground states.

11/2020 - Al Jazeera (Qatar) quoted Gardner in a story in which various legal experts dismissed Trump's claims that delays in declaring a winner are evidence of voter fraud.

July - October 2020


10/05/2020 – Professor Christine Bartholomew was quoted by Wired regarding a lawsuit against Nintendo alleging they have withheld information from the public regarding a product defect.


09/16/2020 - Sports Illustrated quoted teaching faculty Nellie Drew in an article on Jason Luckasevic – the first lawyer to initiate a suit against the NFL over head injuries – challenging the NCAA in a string of brain-injury cases filed in state courts.


10/15/2020 - The Lily, presented by The Washington Post, quoted Professor Lucinda Finley in an article on U.S. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett and her answers regarding Roe v. Wade during confirmation hearings.

09/28/20 - The Guardian interviewed Finley on what Supreme Court nominee Amy Comey Barrett might mean to reproductive rights, health care, and more. The article also appeared at MSN.comMSN Australia, and several additional major media outlets throughout the world.


10/27/2020 - Reuters, MSN, Yahoo! News, and US News and World Report were among several news outlets quoting Professor James Gardner in an article on how new U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett could cast a decisive vote in disputes involving mail-in ballots and other challenges to the election.

10/02/20 - CBC quoted Gardner in a story on the impact of President Trump’s illness on the U.S. presidential election. Gardner weighs in on possible scenarios related to the question of what could occur if a major-party nominee died or became incapacitated close to election day.

09/09/2020 - Business Insider quoted Gardner in a story about six of the top attorneys Republicans and Democrats have tapped for a potential legal battle over the upcoming election.

July - August 2020


08/08/2020 - Professor Christine Bartholomew was interviewed in a Sinclair Broadcast Group story, widely republished in markets across the country. The story reported that restaurants and bars nationwide are serving up lawsuits to states where governors ordered public health directives that restrict their ability to do business.


07/09/2020 – The Wall Street Journal quoted Professor Guyora Binder in a story on the felony-murder rule, a controversial legal doctrine at the heart of the George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks and Ahmaud Arbery cases. [Note: The article is behind a paywall.]


07/31/2020 – WVIB quoted teaching faculty Nellie Drew in an article about and how players from the Toronto Blue Jays will be playing locally at Sahlen Field, and how they intend to cope with COVID-19.

07/02/2020 – Drew was quoted by Law360 in an article about five pending sports and betting lawsuits that attorneys should keep an eye on. [Note: article is behind a paywall.]


08/09/2020 – quoted James Gardner in an article about whether Trump might send federal officials to each state to oversee the 2020 election.

08/03/2020 – Gardner was quoted in the Wall Street Journal on whether the U.S. Supreme Court has constitutional authority to weigh in on state elections. [Note: the article is behind a paywall.]

07/30/2020 – Gardner was quoted by the Associated Press on the upcoming election and whether the president or Congress has authority to move the election date. The AP story, an AP Fact Check, was republished by news outlets around the U.S., including Boston News and the Des Moines Register.

07/20/2020 – USA Today quoted Gardner in an article on how the pandemic is resulting in election lawsuits across the nation.

07/15/2020 - The CBC quoted Gardner in a story about Canadians who are flooding a foreign chapter of the Democratic Party with offers to help it defeat Donald Trump in this fall’s U.S. presidential election.

photo of Micheal Higgins.

07/08/20 – Clinical Teaching Faculty Michael Higgins was quoted in a Newsday (Long Island/NYC) article on the issue of access to government records in a case involving the alleged misconduct of Freeport police officers during the arrest of Akbar Rogers in Nassau County.

06/23/2020 - The Buffalo News interviewed Higgins in an article on New York State mask requirements in restaurants and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

06/11/2020 – Higgins was quoted by Newsday (Long Island/NYC) in an article about the protection of the personal records of police officers and the state Freedom of Information Law.
05/22/2020 - Higgins was quoted in a story on on the legality of private meetings of the Central New York Regional Control Group. The group is tasked with monitoring the area’s coronavirus cases and testing rates and shaping policies for reopening segments of the economy.
04/19/2020 - The Buffalo News quoted Higgins in a story on how political leaders must balance public health concerns with civil rights during the current pandemic. 

April - June 2020

Michael Boucai.

06/16/2020 - The Christian Science Monitor quoted Professor Michael Boucai in a story on the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling that firing an employee because of their sexual orientation or gender identity violates federal law.


06/06/2020 - WBFO-FM interviewed Professor James Gardner for a story on Ruthie’s Law, an Erie County law requiring that nursing homes follow several protocols when a resident is injured or prospective residents are visiting facilities. Local nursing homes argue that Ruthie’s Law conflicts with state law and is therefore illegal.

05/23/2020 – Voice of America interviewed Gardner in an article on “faithless” members of the Electoral College who vote as they wish, and whether states can punish them if they refuse to support the winning ticket in their state.


06/29/2020 - Professsor Lucinda Finley was quoted in an article by Mashable that reported on the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down a Louisiana law that would have drastically reduced access to abortion.

February - March 2020


02/24/2020 - The Buffalo News quoted teaching faculty Nellie Drew in an article on the changing nature of coaching and today's athletes.

02/07/2020 - The Roankoke Star interviewed teaching faculty Nellie Drew in a story on the shelving of a bill by the Virginia House Subcommittee on Higher Education that would have made Virginia the second state to allow college athletes to make money off of their names, images and likenesses.

December 2019 - January 2020


01/22/2020 - In a story on mandatory reporting for clergy on issues related to child abuse or neglect, the Salt Lake Tribune referenced Professor Christine Bartholomew’s research on clergy privilege.

01/13/2020 - Bartholomew published an article in The Conversation about the Rule of Pontifical Secrecy and other forms of clergy privilege. The article was carried in media outlets such as The Washington Post and the Houston Chronicle.

01/08/2020 - The Oregonian quoted Bartholomew in an article about a lawsuit alleging that a clergy member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints violated a promise of confidentiality by turning over a child molester's confession to the authorities. Bartholomew’s quotes were also republished in several other media outlets including The Washington Post, CNN and The World News.


01/06/2020 - The Colorado Sun reported on the ethics of Colorado’s felony murder law, which allows a defendant and all accomplices to be charged with murder when a person dies during the course of a felony. The article included comments by Professor Guyora Binder on a proposal from Colorado State Senator Pete Lee to reclassify the charge from first-degree murder to second-degree murder.


12/07/2019 – Professor Todd Brown participated in a Q&A at the Movement to Restore Trust symposium held at Canisius College. Brown discussed the implications of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing by the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. The symposium was covered by local media outlets, such as WBEN, WBFO, and WGRZ.


01/29/2020 - Business First highlighted the School of Law’s Veterans Legal Practicum, which provides free legal assistance and consultation for veterans. The story interviewed Professor Kim Connolly, Anthony Kuhn ‘15, and 3rd year law student Jacqueline Robertson.

01/10/2020 - WBFO spoke with Professor Kim Connolly in an NPR segment on the Trump administration’s efforts to exempt numerous infrastructure projects from federal environmental regulations.


01/07/2020 –The Buffalo News published an op-ed by Assistant Clinical Professor Judith Olin on the surge in intimate partner homicides in Erie County.



01/16/2020 - The Buffalo News quoted Professor David Westbrook in article concerning former congressional representative Chris Collins as he awaited sentencing for insider trading.