S. Todd Brown

photo of S. Todd Brown.

Professor; William J. Magavern Faculty Scholar; Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Research Focus: Bankruptcy, Mass Tort and Business Law
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Contact Information

316 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100

Faculty Assistant: Cheryl Jones

Biography Publications

Journal Articles

The Story of Prudential Standing, HASTINGS CONSTITUTIONAL LAW QUARTERLY, vol. 42: 95-134 (2014)

Bankruptcy Trusts, Transparency and the Future of Asbestos Compensation, WIDENER LAW JOURNAL vol. 23: 299 (2013) (symposium article)

How Long is Forever This Time? The Broken Promise of Bankruptcy Trusts, BUFFALO LAW REVIEW vol. 61: 537-605 (2013)

Plaintiff Control and Domination in Multidistrict Mass Torts, CLEVELAND STATE LAW REVIEW vol. 61: 391 (2013) 

Constitutional Gaps in Bankruptcy, AMERICAN BANKRUPTCY INSTITUTE LAW REVIEW  vol. 20: 179 (2012)

Specious Claims and Global Settlements, UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS LAW REVIEW vol. 42: 559 (2012)

Section 524(g) Without Compromise: Voting Rights and the Asbestos Bankruptcy Paradox, COLUMBIA BUSINESS LAW REVIEW vol. 2008:  841 (2008)

Non-Pecuniary Interests and the Injudicious Limits of Appellate Standing in Bankruptcy, BAYLOR LAW REVIEW  vol. 59: 569 (2007)