Early Decision FAQs

1.     Is it easier to gain admission through the Early Decision process?

Admission through the Early Decision process  is not necessarily easier. The admissions committee seeks  candidates who are academically prepared for the rigors of law school, regardless of when or how you apply.

The Early Decision application deadline is November 15. If you have concerns about any aspect of your application (e.g.: personal statement, LSAT score, recommendation letters, GPA), you should give yourself as much time as necessary to put forth the strongest possible application. This means that applying Regular Decision, later in the cycle, may be a better option if it provides  you the time necessary to strengthen your application.

2.     What are the advantages of applying Early Decision to UB School of Law?
Early Decision applicants are the first group of files reviewed by the admissions committee. At this early stage in the admission cycle, no seats in the class have been filled and the pool of merit scholarship funds remains full. While the committee seeks candidates who are academically prepared for law school, at this point in the admission cycle, applicants are not in competition with the greater applicant pool for limited remaining seats and scholarship dollars.

One other obvious advantage is that Early Decision candidates are guaranteed an admission decision by December 15.

3.     What does a “binding” decision mean?

Our Early Decision process is binding, meaning should you be admitted through the Early Decision process you are required to accept the offer of admission and withdraw any pending applications with other law schools. Therefore, you should only apply Early Decision to one school—your top choice. If you have a shortlist of schools you’re interested in and want to compare potential offers, then applying Early Decision may not be suitable for you.

4.     What happens if I’m waitlisted through the Early Decision process?

Early Decision candidates who find themselves  on the waitlist are no longer committed to enrolling if admitted later in the admissions cycle. To reiterate, the binding nature of our Early Decision program will not apply to Early Decision candidates placed on the waitlist.

The admissions committee does not anticipate making any offers to waitlisted candidates prior to the mid-April tuition deposit deadline for admitted students. Learn more about the waitlist process.

5.     What does it mean when an Early Decision applicant is placed “On Hold?”

The admissions committee may place Early Decision candidates “On Hold” for continued consideration during the Regular Decision process. This differs from being waitlisted as Early Decision candidates placed “On Hold” can anticipate an updated decision (admit, deny, or waitlist) by the end of March. “On Hold”  candidates will be re-reviewed with priority over candidates on the waitlist.  

Similar to those placed on the waitlist, the binding nature of the Early Decision program will not apply to Early Decision candidates placed “On Hold.”

6.     If I’m denied through the Early Decision process, can I reapply Regular Decision?

Unfortunately, no. If you are denied admission through the Early Decision process, you cannot resubmit a Regular Decision application during the same admission cycle. In such instances, we recommend meeting with an admissions team member to discuss ways to improve your application for the next admission cycle.