Teresa A. Miller

Teresa A. Miller

Professor; Vice Provost for Inclusive Excellence

Research Focus: Criminal Procedure, Criminal Punishment Theory, Immigration Law, Law and Documentary Studies, Prisoner Law

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Contact Information

715 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100
Phone: 716-645-2391
Email: tmiller@buffalo.edu

Faculty Assistant: Deborah L. Nasisi



CIVIL PENALTIES, SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES (Christopher Mele and Teresa A. Miller, ed.) (Routledge Publishing Co.: 2005)
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Journal Articles

Bright Lines, Black Bodies: The Florence Strip Search Case and its Dire Repercussions, AKRON LAW REVIEW (2013) vol. 46: 433-472
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Encountering Attica: Documentary Filmmaking as Pedagogical Tool, JOURNAL OF LEGAL EDUCATION ( 2012) vol. 62 p. 231
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Lessons Learned, Lessons lost: Immigration Enforcement's Failed Experiment with Penal Severity, FORDHAM URBAN LAW JOURNAL (2010) vol. 38 p. 217
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A New Look at Neo-Liberal Economic Policies and the Criminalization of Undocumented Migration, SMU LAW REVIEW (Southern Methodist University School of Law: 2008) vol. 61 p. 171-188
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Blurring the Boundaries Between Immigration and Crime Control after Sept. 11th, BOSTON COLLEGE THIRD WORLD LAW JOURNAL (2005) vol. 25 p. 81
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Citizenship and Severity: Recent Immigration Reforms and the New Penology, GEORGETOWN IMMIGRATION LAW JOURNAL (2003) vol. 17 p. 611
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Keeping the Government's Hands Off Our Bodies: Mapping a Feminist Legal Theory Approach to Privacy in Cross-Gender Prison Searches, BUFFALO CRIMINAL LAW REVIEW (2001) vol. 4 p. 861
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Sex & Surveillance: Gender, Privacy and the Sexualization of Power in Prison, GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY CIVIL RIGHTS LAW JOURNAL (2000) vol. 10 p. 291
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Book Chapters

Incarcerated Masculinities, PROGRESSIVE MASCULINITIES (Athena Mutua, ed.) (Routledge: 2006)
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By Any Means Necessary: Collateral Civil Penalties of Non-U.S. Citizens and the War on Terror, Civil Penalties, SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES (Christopher Mele and Teresa A. Miller, ed.) (Routledge Publishing Co.: 2005) p. 47
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Collateral civil penalties as techniques of social policy, CIVIL PENALTIES, SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES (with Christopher Mele) (Christopher Mele and Teresa A. Miller, ed.) (Routledge Publishing Co.: 2005) p. 9 Catalog Record    Google Preview

The Impact of Mass Incarceration on Immigration Policy, INVISIBLE PUNISHMENT: THE COLLATERAL CONSEQUENCES OF MASS INCARCERATION (Marc Mauer and Meda Chesney-Lind, ed.) (New Press: 2002)
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Encountering Attica (2009)