Aviva Abramovsky

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William J. Magavern Faculty Scholar; Professor

Research Focus: Insurance Law, Commercial Law, Regulation of Financial Entities, Legal Ethics

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Contact Information

708 O'Brian Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260-1100

Biography Publications


UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE, WEST'S MCKINNEY'S FORMS FOR NEW YORK (the definitive set on the New York Uniform Commercial Code and official companion to MCKINNEY'S CONSOLIDATED LAWS OF NEW YORK ANNOTATED ) (Thomson Reuters, 2016-2022) (updated annually)

Specific Types of Liability Insurance (Vol. 4, Chapters 24-40), New Appleman on Insurance Law (Library Edition) (Mathew Bender:   2010)

Contributing Editor, NY INSURANCE LAW (Mathew Bender: 2009- )

Journal Articles

Justice for Sale: Contemplations on the "Impartial" Judge in a Citizens United World, Mich. St. L. Rev. (2014) vol. 2012 p. 713

Managing the Next Deluge: A Tax System Approach to Flood Insurance, Conn. Ins. L.J. (with Charlene Luke) (2011) vol. 18 p. 1

Reinsurance: The Silent Regulator?, Conn. Ins. L.J. (2009) vol. 15 p. 345 

An Unholy Alliance: Perceptions of Influence in Insurance Fraud Prosecutions and the Need for Real Safeguards, J. Crim. L. & Criminology (2  2008) vol. 98 p. 363  

The Enterprise Model of Managing Conflicts of Interest in the Tripartite Insurance Defense Relationship, Cardozo L. Rev. (2005) vol. 27 p. 193

Comment, Traitors in Our Midst: Attorneys Who Inform on Their Own Clients, U. Pa. J. Const. L. (2000) vol. 2 p. 676


Enforcement: A Survey of Three Approaches to Insurance Regulatory Enforcement: The USA, the UK and Sweden, in Research Handbook on International Insurance Law & Regulation (forthcoming 2023).

Transparency and the Insurance Contract in the United States (with Peter Kochenburger), in Transparency in Insurance Law and Regulation 683, 683-703 (Pierpaolo Marano & Kyriaki Noussia, eds., Springer 2020)

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Enforcement: A Survey of Three Approaches to Insurance Regulatory Enforcement: The USA, the UK and Sweden, in Research Handbook on International Insurance and Regulation (with Ian Mason, Robert Tischner and Stefan Bessman) (Julian Burling and Kevin Lazarus, ed.) (Edward Elgar Publishing:   2012)

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