class registration.

Registration Dates

Class registration typically occurs during assigned enrollment windows.  Students are assigned enrollment appointments based on current professional year status. In compliance with ABA Standards, JD students are given priority enrollment. Bridge and summer terms are open enrollment; students are not assigned enrollment appointments for these sessions.

Credit Hours and Full-Time Status

Law students must be registered for 12 or more credits to be considered full-time; students registered for less than 12 credits are considered part-time. In order to graduate in 3 years, students should take an average of 15 credits per semester. Students can register for a maximum of 16 credits during the fall and spring semesters. Students who wish to register for more than 16 credit hours during the fall or spring semester must obtain a waiver from the Vice Dean for Student Affairs.  Students are limited to a maximum of 3 credits during the Bridge session and 6 credits during the summer session.

Please note that your status (full-time or part-time) will impact the amount of financial aid that you are eligible to receive.

Prepare to Register

Enrollment Appointments

Registration for classes takes place during specific periods of time. Students are able to begin registering during their designated enrollment appointment. Beginning in mid-October for spring registration, and mid-March for fall registration, students can learn their appointment for the next semester in the HUB Student Center (via MyUB). Students may register continuously from the start of their enrollment appointment until the end of the drop/add period.

Please review the following important reminders regarding enrollment appointments:

  • Check your enrollment appointment carefully ensuring you have the correct appointment in alignment with your professional year
  • If HUB indicates that you do not have an enrollment appointment and it is prior to the open enrollment date, you must be assigned an appointment. Contact the Records and Registration office (716-645-2060) or

Check Your Academic Advising Report

Be smart!  Register for any remaining requirements first.  In order to determine what courses you will need to complete, go to your HUB Student Center (via MyUB) to view your HUB Law Advisement Report.

Check Your Service Indicators/Holds

A service indicator/hold is an action used by the university to prevent students from registering for classes, receiving grades, and/or releasing student records, including diplomas, enrollment certification or transcripts. Holds may be placed by various offices on campus for outstanding financial obligations or for failing to submit required documents requested by the university. To review your holds visit your HUB Student Center via MyUB (UBITName and password required). Detailed information about the hold, including steps for resolving it, is available in HUB.

Permission of Instructor Courses

Certain courses may be 'registration by application' or simply by permission of instructor.  If you need to be force registered into a class, you should go directly to the faculty member/office responsible for the class in order to receive permission.  Once permission is granted the faculty member or office will either give you a permission number so that you can register yourself, or notify Records and Registration via email and our office will register you for the class.

Wait List

When a class is designated to allow for a wait list, the student has the option during registration to wait list the class if the class is full.  Students who select this option are given a position on the wait list; if a seat opens in the class, eligible students are moved from the wait list in order of position number.  It is important to note, if you are currently on the wait list for one section of a course, and you enroll in another section of the same course, you will be DROPPED from the wait listed section altogether and will lose your position.

Learn more about wait list by reading the Waitlist for a Class page.

Helpful Registration Guides

Non-Law Student Enrollment in Law Courses

Current University at Buffalo matriculated graduate students in other departments are permitted to enroll in law school classes provided they are granted permission from the course instructor as well their graduate program advisor.  An email confirming permission to be enrolled in a law class must be sent to Students will be registered for law courses with these permissions as well as approval from the Law School Vice Dean for Academic Affairs. Students from departments outside of the law school must be registered for law courses by the Law Records and Registration Office only.

Law Students from Other ABA Institutions

If you are currently a law student at another ABA institution and would like to enroll for a semester in the UB School of Law program, you must contact the UB School of Law Admissions department.

Community Members

The University at Buffalo School of Law does not permit community members to register for law classes.  Classes are reserved for matriculated JD, LL.M., and University at Buffalo graduate students only.