A comprehensive final exam schedule is listed below; you may also find your personalized final exam schedule in your HUB Student Center (via MyUB).

Students are expected to be available throughout the entire exam period for any exam listed.

Courses with a course number ending in SEM or TUT will not have a final exam, but there may be papers due during the exam period - check with your professor. Courses from other departments that follow the university schedule will not have exams scheduled through the law school - check with your professor.

  • Spring 2020 (May 4-15) - All exams will be handled remotely. No students will need to come to campus. Please keep watching for updates, as this schedule will be changing. Exam Schedule (PDF updated 3/26/20)
  • Summer 2020 Contact your professor
  • Bridge 2020 Exams will be held on January 31st
  • Fall 2019 Exam Schedule (PDF) December 2-13, 2019
The University at Buffalo School of Law uses a variety of assessment measures.  One such measure is a final examination.  Instructors may choose to give a written exam through the ExamSoft software Examplify, or they may use a scantron for multiple choice or true/false. They may also administer their own examination via UBLearns.  Some instructors may utilize multiple exam administration methods.
Students should adhere to the following exam policies. Specific information about each exam will be provided on the exam schedule and on exam day. Some instructions for specific exams may be emailed to students.