Examplify Information & FAQ

The School of Law offers students the ability to take law school exams using personal laptop computers in courses where professors have opted to use the Examplify software provided by ExamSoft.

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The New York Board of Law Examiners also utilizes Examplify, so by using the software during your studies here you can become familiar with it and eliminate uncertainty of utilizing it during the bar exam.

Downloading & Registering Examplify

Computer requirements can be found through the ExamSoft website. ExamSoft recommends that you use Firefox when installing Examplify.

In order to be eligible to take a computer exam, a student must:

1. Register with ExamSoft by visiting ExamSoft. Go to the exam taker login (on top) and enter your UBIT name and password

2. Download Examplify by visiting ExamSoft

By registering for Examplify you acknowledge you have read, understand and agree with all the policies, procedures and warnings contained in this document.

Using Examplify

Examplify is updated frequently!

Be sure you are using the latest version of Examplify!  Using an outdated version may cause issues uploading exam answers.  Simply log in to Examplify to see if you have the current version. If you do not have the current version, Examplify will guide you through the update process.

1. Update Computer - Ensure your computer does not require any updates (such as Windows updates).  If you have an update waiting, proceed with the update prior to using Examplify

2. Launch Examplify from your desktop and sign in (if you are running an outdated version of Examplify you will be prompted to update your software)

3. Take a Mock Exam – To familiarize yourself with the software prior to exam day, it is strongly recommended you take a mock exam. 

  • On the mock exam click on "Download Exam”. 
  • After the exam has downloaded, click on Start Exam. 
  • After the exam notices you will see a screen that says "Please type the answer to Question 1 below." This area can be hidden by clicking on the down arrow next to 'Question 1'. If questions are attached as a PDF (for take-out exams only), click on EXAM CONTROLS to view the questions. You can print or save the PDF by clicking on 'Print'.
  • Essay only exams: When typing your answers for an essay only exam, there will be only one screen to type in. Type all of your answers under "Question 1" for an essay only exam.
  • Multiple Choice exams: If the exam is multiple choice you will advance through a numbered sequence on the screen and choose answers by clicking on choices of up to five answers. You have the ability to answer questions in order or skip around to a specific question.
  • Multiply Choice and Essay exams: If the exam is both, follow the instructions above for Multiple Choice, and the essay will be the last question in the sequence..
  • Type a few words in the screen for your Mock exam, click through multiple choice answers, and familiarize yourself with the software. 
  • When you are finished, click on the drop down arrow that says "Exam Controls" and choose "Submit exam". You should see a large green screen that says 'Upload Complete'. This means that your exam has been successfully uploaded. Click on Return to Dashboard and log out. 


What is my Examplify user ID and password?

Your user ID is your UBIT name, and your password is a unique string that was emailed to you by Records and Registration. Once you have logged in you can change your password.

What is my four digit exam ID#?

Your exam ID# is generated by Records and Registration and will auto-populate once you log in.

Can I practice using Examplify before the exam?

Yes. See instructions above under Using Examplify.

What Should I do Prior to Exam Day?

Download and Register Examplify prior to the dates of your exams. Note that you can re-download Examplify on additional computers for use as backups, however, you can typically only download exam files once, so only do so on the computer you intend to use on exam day.

Ensure: that your PC meets the specifications listed at ExamSoft; that there is plenty of free hard drive space; that your PC is virus free; and that your PC has all updates installed.

Power Management - Check your settings to ensure that your computer will not go into sleep or hibernate mode, which can sometimes be difficult to exit during an exam.

Install Adobe Reader- For Take-Home exams make sure you have Adobe Reader installed so you can open PDF documents (You don’t need to worry about this if your professor handed out your exam in class).

Ensure that your battery is charged prior to the exam in the event there is a temporary power outage, and bring your power code.

Download exam files when available (typically, take-out exams are not available until exam day).  For in-class exams, stop here until you are in the classroom with the proctor.

What Must I do on Exam Day for in-class exams?

Bring your power cord and battery (in the event of power loss).

Make sure you know your ExamSoft userID and password.

Arrive at the exam room at least 15-30 minutes early, plug your computer into a power outlet, turn on the computer, and log in to Examplify. If you have not done so already, you should download the exam file. Click on 'Download Exam'. DO NOT click on the Mock exam! Be sure you are downloading the correct exam.

When the proctor gives you the prompt to begin, click on 'Take Exam'. Again, DO NOT click on the Mock exam! Be sure you are taking the correct exam.

What Must I do on Exam Day for take-out exams?

Take-out exams can be taken from any location of your choosing. Make sure you have Adobe Reader Installed so you can view your exam questions.

Log in to Examplify.  At the exact start time of your exam click on 'Download Exam'. Click on 'Take Exam'. Check carefully to be sure you are taking the correct exam. DO NOT click on the Mock exam! After the exam has launched, to view a PDF of your exam questions, click on 'Exam Controls/Exam Attachments' at the top right of the screen. If you do not see a pop-up PDF of your exam questions after you begin your exam, then contact Law Records immediately at 716-645-2060.

How Do I Upload My Exam When I am Finished?

Once you are finished typing your exam, click on the drop down arrow that says "Exam Controls" and choose "Submit exam". If you see the green screen that says 'Upload Complete', your exam has successfully uploaded. Click on 'Return to Dashboard' and log out. For in-class exams you may then close your laptop and check out with a proctor. 

What do I do if I did NOT get the Green Upload Complete Screen or an email confirmation of a successful upload?

You should first be sure you are connected to the internet. Sometimes if you are using UBWireless it says you are connected when you are not, so disconnect and connect again, making sure to try and launch Firefox or Internet Explorer to be sure you are connected. Once you are connected, double-click the Examplify icon again and the system should upload your exam answer automatically. If it does not upload automatically, contact a proctor. If this is a take-out exam, contact Records and Registration at 716-645-2060, Law IT at 716-645-7393 or ExamSoft support for assistance.  

If I have a take-out exam, can I copy and paste from other programs into Examplify?

Yes, you can copy and paste text from Microsoft Word or other word processing programs into the Examplify window, but we do not recommend that you do so. Formatting may get lost upon transfer, and Examplify saves continually. This will avoid unnecessary problems with exam submission.

Can I copy and paste footnotes from other programs into Examplify for take-out exams?

Yes. You must first copy and paste footnotes from Microsoft Word or other word processing programs into Notepad (or TextEdit for a Mac), and then copy from that program into Examplify.

Can I hide my screen if I need to leave the exam room?

Yes, you may hide your screen if you need to exit the exam room for any reason. Click on “hide exam” in the top menu. This will block your screen until you return.

Can I take a break from my take-home exam once I have started?

No. You must keep your laptop open and running for the entire exam. You may hide your screen if you wish to take a break, but do not close your laptop.

What if I have computer problems when taking my take-home exam?

If your computer freezes, you should be able to reboot and resume your exam. If you reboot, you may see a screen that gives you a code, prompting you to get a resume code from the proctor. Contact Records and Registration at 716-645-2060 for this code and assistance.

What If I have technical problems?

Call our office immediately if this is a take-out exam!  We can be reached at 716-645-2060. Let us know you are having difficulty. Law IT can be reached at 716-645-7393. You can also contact ExamSoft technical support at support@examsoft.com or call toll-free 866-429-8889, or you can start a live chat when you log in to ExamSoft.

How can I confirm ExamSoft has received my answer files?

You will see the green screen that says:' Upload complete, your exam has been uploaded successfully', and receive an email confirmation. You can also log in to Examsoft.com/buffalolaw and click on Exam History. If your exam did not appear to upload then contact ExamSoft support.

Examplify Tips

Word Count - Examplify provides a word count for essay answers. It gives a total word count or, if you select certain text, will give you the word count for just the highlighted sections. Click on the icon to the right of the words 'Essay Answer'.

Exam Backup - Examplify saves your work automatically every few minutes. Examplify maintains several encrypted copies of your exam on your hard drive. If your computer crashes during an exam, you can restart it and Examplify will automatically select the most current version of your exam from your hard drive.

Question Navigation - For an essay only exam there will be only one Question on your screen. Type your entire exam answers into 'Question 1'.  Multiple Choice exams will be numbered accordingly. For exams that have multiple choice questions and an essay, the essay question will be the last one.

Calculator - can be found by clicking in the upper right corner

Spell check - misspelled words will be underlined in red. Select the word and right click.