Learn by Doing at the State of New York’s Law School.

Learn by Doing at New York State’s Law School

Powerful programs and practical opportunities. UB School of Law prepares you to tackle the real world through clinics, clerkships and hundreds of hands-on learning experiences.

Good lawyering is about fighting hard – for justice, for your client, for what you believe in. That’s called advocacy, and at the School of Law you’ll learn to build your case and wage that fight skillfully, effectively and fairly.
You’ll have unique opportunities to make an impact on the community, the nation and the world. That’s in keeping with our conviction that the law can be a force for good in the world, when good people make it happen.
It’s one thing to read casebooks. The more important thing is to make the law work for real people with real needs. You don’t have to wait until graduation to work with actual clients. Here, our extensive clinical program affords hands-on experiences.
Good writing, it’s said, is good thinking. Here at the School of Law, from day one you will get world-class legal training in the skills of legal analysis, research, and writing – the very essence of what practicing lawyers do every day.

Quick Facts


Our Advocacy Institute is guided by nationally acclaimed trial attorneys, jurists, and legal scholars.


Our clinical programs provide hands-on practice opportunities under the supervision of skilled attorneys.


Seven curricular concentrations and programs allow you to hone your skills for your preferred field of study.

“Students are getting significant experience, they are interacting with exceptional community partners and alumni, and from this they are finding great jobs.” - Professor Kim Diana Connolly, director of clinical legal education.

Putting skills into action


“Students must learn to pursue leads, make contacts, formulate good questions, gain the trust of the people they talk to, make sense of the narratives they acquire, and become good listeners.”


For Matthew Eldred '15, the lessons of his first-year research and writing classes have stayed top of mind.


“I truly enjoyed interacting and meeting with our clients in the clinic. I learned so much from them, things that you can’t find in a textbook."