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Less Debt = More Opportunities

Advocate for the elderly. Pursue a political career. Say “yes” to your dream job. At UB, the majority of our students carry less debt than their peers – giving you the freedom to do what you love.

“The price of education [at UB School of Law] allows our students to pursue any area of the law without worrying about a looming student debt after they leave.” - George Brown '17

Free to Follow Their Dream


As Director of Upstate Revitalization for New York State, Richard Tobe '74 is responsible for $1.5 billion awarded through a competitive process to three of upstate’s eight economic development regions.


Karen Nicolson ’89 helps battle elder abuse by leading an organization that provides free legal services to help low-income senior citizens and disabled persons live independently and with dignity.


A big family poses its own challenges, but Gwitt says the culture of the legal profession has become much more supportive of the balance between work and family life.

Quick Facts

2nd out of all 15 law schools in New York State for lowest average debt per graduate.

Our 2017 tuition for in-state residents is just $25,410. Scholarship funds can further reduce the cost of your education.

76% of first-year students receive non-conditional merit scholarships.

Our average merit award is $9,500, guaranteed for all three years of your legal education.